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Being in the correctional industry for decades, Securus Technologies specializes in delivering cutting edge technological solutions that aim at protecting civil and criminal justice. Not long ago, Securus Technologies implemented an innovative application on ConnectUs to assist customers account for their money and time spent on following up on their inmate statuses. According to Roberts Russell, Securus Technologies is committed and happy to provide new forms of technology and features to customers to ensure that their needs are fully satisfied. The new application launched on ConnectUs is a major example of the innovative, latest and effective technologies that Securus Technologies offers. Watch this video on Youtube.

Good News about the Application

In most correctional facilities, officers and staffs commonly use paper forms to cover different requests raised by inmates. These requests include handbook acceptance forms, medial forms and sign up forms among others. Most of the valuable time of correctional officers is usually spend and lost distributing, routing, logging, copying, filing and storing forms. However, Securus Technologies has brought in an application that is hassle free to allow customers focus on other important issues rather than waste time concentrating on paper work.

Inmate Forms and Grievance automated application allows the creation of different custom forms and makes them accessible for inmates. Additionally, one is in good position to make changes on his or her status and this process takes a short time since no printing is involved. Inmates are also able to view the statuses of their grievances and forms and decide on whether to accept or appeal them.

About Securus Technologies

This firm has its main offices situated in Dallas and serves over 3450 correction agencies, law enforcement and more than 1200000 prisoners all over North America. Through the ConnectUs platform, Securus provides its customers robust services and features that display inmate’s history such as their location as well as dynamic application display by time among others.