Taking a Look Into Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in the banking industry and has worked for years as an investment banker who manages stock and exchanges funds. Cornelsen began his career in 1971 after graduating from the Federal University with a degree in engineering. While studying engineering at the Univerisity, Cornelsen found it difficult and decided to major in economics after two years. Igor Cornelsen completed his studies in 1971 and immediately began working.

Igor Cornelsen made his first mark as an investment banker at Multibanco. Cornelsen was able to land a job here soon after he graduated from the Federal University. After working for approximately four years at Multibanco, Cornelsen was promoted to be one of the members of the Board of Directors at the bank. A few years later in 1976, he was granted the position of CEO at Multibanco. His career at Multibanco, however, came to a sudden stop in 1978v when it was purchased by Bank of America. Igor Cornelsen had to look for other opportunities, and at the time the bank that was making a lot of waves was Unibanco. However, Cornelsen did not last there when the inflation rates at the firm went up.

This was in 1985, and Igor Cornelsen had to leave and look for greener pastures elsewhere. He was fortunate to land a job at the Libra Bank PLC, and here he was paid in dollars as opposed to his previous jobs. This was a new opportunity for Igor, and he took it. Igor Cornelsen worked at Libra Bank for several years and became very successful, but after some time he and his associates left and went to another bank. They went to the Standard Merchant Bank, and Igor Cornelsen was on the Board of Directors. He finally left and established his firm in the year 1995.

Jacob Gottlieb Brings Development in Health Sector

Jacob Gottlieb, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of several investment firms including Visium Asset Management and Altium Capital, is a graduate of Brown University with a BA in Economics and MD degree from New York University School of Medicine. Gottlieb interest lied on investment, and after his medical internship, he began working for financial industries. In 2001, Investment Management and Research Association awarded Gottlieb with Financial Analyst Charter. Before this, he was appointed by Professional Risk Managers` International Association as a Professional Risk Manager.

Visium Asset Management was founded in 2005, with offices in New York, London, and San Francisco and has over 200 employees. The firm proliferated leading with $8 billion hedge fund as by 2016 although the company was faced with trading scandals, dismissing all its workers. Gottlieb was declared free from wrongdoing associated to the scandal and remained as the only key executive. Before founding Visium Asset Management, Gottlieb invested with Balyasny Asset Management where he became top earner through his large portfolio gain. He also worked at Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst covering global health care.

Recently Jacob Gottlieb launched Altium Capital with the aim of broadening healthcare investment. Altium firm is located in New York City and has started with a focus of seizing opportunities available to help companies grow, mostly in the healthcare sector. Altium has ventured its investment in some of leading companies which include, Amarin Corporation, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, and Oragenics.

The Oramed company through its expertise employees developed an oral treatment for diabetic an alternative for injectable drugs diabetic patients have been receiving. Altium first Investment Stake at Oramed was 5.61%. Amarin is a fast growing innovative company with its offices in Bedminster, New Jersey. They specialize in cardiovascular health developing improved drugs. Finally, Oragenics, which was founded in 1996 aims at giving the best treatments against infectious diseases through the production of effective antibiotics.

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