The SEAL Awards Recognizes’s Sustainable Environmental Initiatives

Since its establishment in 2004, has been a leading e-commerce retail services provider in China. The company has revolutionized online retail shopping through its technologically driven e-commerce platform. The company’s clients all over the world have enjoyed excellent delivery services, courtesy of JD’s robust logistics network. The clients receive their products on the same day, or latest, the following day, regardless of the distance. Additionally, the company’s online store provides almost every consumer product including electronics, apparel, toys, cosmetics, food products, fresh vegetables, and all fast moving consumer goods.

In recognition of’s commitment to the provision of excellent and sustainable services, The SEAL Awards announced Jingdong as one of the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award winners. The recognition ranks JD among top companies, which have also won the coveted award this year. The companies include top-ranking global brands like Lonely Whale and Equinix, whose sustainability initiatives are also set to be appreciated with a SEAL Environmental Initiative Award, 2018. The award testifies to the company’s commitment to environmental preservation and elaborate social innovation, primarily through its robust Corporate Responsibility Initiative.

During the announcement,’s head of corporate social responsibility, Libo Ma, said that the company felt much honored to receive the award. He said that the fact greatly humbled the company its long-term efforts have finally borne fruits. According to him, the recognition is a testimony to Jingdong’s multi-faceted platform toward sustainability and dedication to environmental protection, social innovation, and poverty alleviation. He thanked the SEAL Awards for demonstrating to the world that traditional business metrics are not the only parameters to measure a company. A company’s contribution to the community it also serves matters.

At the same time, The SEAL Awards founder, Matt Harney thanked JD for its innovative initiatives to promote the welfare of the society. He particularly pointed to the recent launch of JD’s eco-friendly packaging program. He noted that the program had impacted 47 cities across China. The impact has seen re-use of more than one million articles of clothing and over 400,000 toys. Additionally, Matt Harney applauded the company for its excellent supply chain and logistics network, which now covers every corner of China.

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Milwaukee Bucks Team Owner And Financial Executive Wes Edens

Wes Edens has been a top executive in the financial industry for over two decades, having began his long and successful career after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984 and acquiring the position of Managing Director at Lehman Brothers in 1987, and working there for 6 years. He moved on from there to work as a Managing Partner at the BlackRock Financial Management firm. Then, in 1998, he and two other partners founded the New York based private equity and hedge fund company Fortress Investment Group, which later became the nation’s first large firm of its kind to be traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more about Wes Edens at Wikipedia

Being a big sports enthusiast, Wes Edens, along with partners Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan, purchased a professional basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 for $550 million, and he promised the fans that he would keep the team in Wisconsin. He also bought a soccer team called Aston Villa, along with Egyptian businessman and billionaire Nassef Sawiris, who helped him set aside funds for the acquisition of the team and devise a plan to move the players forward so that they could become as successful as they once were. In addition to owning pro sports teams, Wes Edens is also the owner of the Brightline Train, a high-speed method of transportation for people living in South Florida. The passenger train reaches a speed of 80 mph, and on its first run, which took place in May of 2018, it completed a trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in just 30 minutes.

Wes Edens also has an interest in videogaming, and he owns an e-sports team called Fly Quest, which is a part of the League of Legends game. The Fly Quest team was created in January of 2017. The entrepreneur, private investor and sports team owner is a self-made billionaire, with a reported net worth of over $2 billion. His hobbies include mountain climbing and horse jumping. He currently resides in the state of New York, and is a married father of 4 kids.



Fortress Investment Group: A Large Private Equity Firm Influencing the Business World

The founders of the Fortress Investment Group have only one thing in mind – to succeed in the business and finance industry. The creation of their ultimate goal is a dream-come-true for the company’s founders, and they promised that they would do everything to increase the presence of their business in the country and encourage the people to invest in them as well. The Fortress Investment Group would eventually become one of the world’s largest equity firms, thanks to the efforts of Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone, the company’s founders. Through the years, they will be hiring additional people who would demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in leading companies such as the Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger and Gareth Henry are among the few individuals that the company hired and contributed a lot of changes to the company’s good. Visit

The Fortress Investment Group has been operating as a private equity firm for 20 years now, but they also had to gamble in their early days. The founders would have to invite business people to invest in their company during its infancy stage, but after they demonstrated their power to turn a small investment into a large one, many people started to contact the company, sharing their interest to become a partner.

The Fortress Investment Group continued to impress the experienced business people, as the company’s founders and executives have introduced their IPO in 2007. Many people showed up at the event, and they started purchasing shares and stocks from the company, amounting to $600 million. Introducing the company as an IPO at the NYSE has become their milestone, but the company continued to look for opportunities where they can grow further. This opportunity came in recently, as a Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group offered a contract with the company. The contract stated that the company would be under the ownership of the Softbank Group, with some of its key employees staying with the newly acquired company. The partnership costs $3.3 billion, and it is expected that the Softbank Group will be doing its best to manage the company effectively. Read more on

Dick DeVos helps restore hometown to greatness

Dick DeVos is one of the most prominent residents of the state of Michigan. As the husband of current education secretary Betsy DeVos, he is also increasingly known on the national stage. His 2006 run for the governorship of Michigan cemented his reputation for being a Republican politician. But throughout his home state of Michigan, DeVos is known for far more than merely his brief foray into the political world.


As one of the area’s leading philanthropists, DeVos has also gained a reputation for being one of the most magnanimous donors to a wide range of causes. But his most important contribution has probably come in the form of his actions to help save his hometown from a fate similar to that of other Michigan rustbelt towns, like Detroit and Flint.


Towards the end of the 1980s, DeVos’ hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was beginning to show many of the same signs of decline that had been witnesses a decade before in places like Detroit and Flint. The city’s urban center had fallen into a state of serious disrepair and vacancy. Entire blocks of once-thriving industrial buildings stood empty. And the blight was beginning to attract the wrong kind of crowd, which, in turn, was causing the productive classes to flee. The process of urban decay was well underway.


DeVos convened a group of some of the top local businessmen. He recognized that decisive action needed to be taken in order to prevent Grand Rapids from passing the point of no return from which no former industrial city seems to be able to recover.


The group that he got together was dubbed the Grand Action Committee. It had one goal: to foment enough investment that the city of Grand Rapids would be revitalized and reach a critical threshold of economic prosperity. This would cause a virtuous cycle where people and capital would flock to the city to be part of a growing and thriving populace.


The Grand Action Committee was a round success. Today, Grand Rapids is often ranked among the top cities in the country in which to live, play and work. It also has the impressive distinction of being one of the few places throughout the entire Midwest that has been experienced an increasing population year-over-year for the last decade plus. And Dick DeVos was one of the key figures to have brought this salubrious change about.


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GreenSky Bluegrass from Kalamazoo, Michigan has been delighting fans with its music since 2000. The five member band that consists of Anders Beck (dobro), Michael Arlen Bont (banjo), Dave Bruzza (guitar), Mike Devol (upright bass) and Paul Hoffman (mandolin) prides itself on a unique sound that combines both acoustic elements with rock and roll to create a sound that can only be defined as GreenSky Bluegrass. The band has released a total of nine albums, and is set to release its tenth album, titled All For Money, on January 18, 2019.

The band boasts several tour dates throughout the year and is a regular act for many widely known festivals including Austin City Limits, Bonaroo, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In addition, they have headlined in many famous arenas including the legendary Red Rock amphitheater. GreenSky has recently completed the Pacific Northwest and West Coast legs of its fall tour with shows in places like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. During the San Francisco show, the band was joined by friend and former tourmate, Holly Bowling, who accompanied the band on the piano for the duration of the second set and encore. The set list from GreenSky’s most recent shows include a variety of the band’s original work combined with covers of fan favorites like The Police’s “Driven to Tears”, and The Rolling Stones’ “Let’s Spend the Night Together”.

Greensky has just released the dates for the winter leg of its tour which will feature songs from its new album All for the Money. The thirty-five show tour kicks off in Albany, New York on January 10, 2019 and closes with a five show appearance at the renowned Byron Bay Blues Fest in Australia April 18 through April 22.

Cloudwick Created CDL to Manage Data Lake Security

Cloudwick is a company that provides biomodal digital business services. They focus on targeting the Global 1000 businesses and provide cloud, business intelligence modernization, data science, IoT, mobile app development, pilot to production for big data, as well as advanced analytics. The company was recently featured on the Business Wire Website in the article titled “Research and Markets: Big Data Manufacturing: Key Trends, Opportunities, and Market Forecasts 2015-2020.”

The article revealed how quickly the manufacturing industry is beginning to transform. With huge growth in technology, competition and the changing needs of global consumers, companies need to have both flexibility and efficiency. Big data may help manufacturing markets create better business models while also revamping their operational process.

Cloudwick was also featured on the AWS Partner Network Blog on the Amazon website in an article by Arun Kumar Palanthumpattu Thankappan. Arun leads the cloud practices team at Cloudwick. The article titled “How to Deploy a Data Lake in Minutes with Cloudwick’s Data Lake Foundation on AWS Quick Start” reveals that data lakes can be used in an industry vertical. Many businesses need data lakes to create more business growth. Data lakes are a repository that is centralized to help businesses keep large amounts of data in a single location.

The Quick Start at Cloudwick helps businesses to store, monitor and analyze large amounts of data in the AWS Cloud. Amazon ES uses the data catalog because of the velocity and variety of data. The data management layer helps capture the metadata to understand the streams of data and where they come from.

The company has also released CDL, a Data Lake platform that uses data science to operate advanced analysis. It also provides machine learning security analytics and algorithms to keep your data safe. The processor keeps metadata organized and can analyze more than 100s of billions of events. The product has required three years of work to create one of the leading security platforms. CDL provides security for big data and can unlock siloed data for analysis. It also makes the Data Lake easier to access for data scientists and security vendors.

Adam Milstein: Promoter of Israeliness

Adam Milstein is one of the vocal Jewish activists in the United States. He is working on pro-Israeli initiatives as well as non-profits causes meant to support the Jewish community. Milstein is the co-founder of a prominent Jewish organization located in the United States known as the Israeli-American Council (IAC). He serves as the chairman of the board of this organization which was formed in 2007 and has headquarters in Los Angeles. It is under the leadership of Adam Milstein that this organization has spread out to many parts of the United States. Currently, they have 12 regional offices in different states.

Adam Milstein also worked with his wife Gila, to set up a family foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization serves people who live in the United States and who have Jewish roots to learn more about their culture and help them identify strongly with the State of Israel. Milstein has a special affinity to the young generation who holds the future of Israel. Gila Milstein has on his part established an organization known as Stand By Me, an organization meant to assist Israeli American cancer patients.

One of the challenges that face non-profits causes is lack of adequate funds. However, Adam Milstein is a hardworking entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He is the managing partner of a company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Every year, Milstein spends over $1 million on philanthropic causes. Adam Milstein does not believe in just giving out money to causes that he is not involved in. He rolls up his sleeves and engages in active operations of the causes he supports. He is results-oriented and wants to see the funds he donates achieving the intended goals.


Adam Milstein recognizes that it is not easy to get donor funds for non-profit causes. To help ease this problem, he has created Donor Forum, a forum where organizations can post 15-minutes presentations to potential sponsors. This process makes it easy for non-profit organizations to get funds easily while at the same time allowing philanthropist to get involved in the operations of the groups they fund.


GreenSky Credit considers what could be largest fintech IPO this year

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most well-established companies within the fintech space. The company was founded in 2006 by career entrepreneur David Zalik. Zalik had the idea for GreenSky when he was working with a number of the largest players in the home improvement space. He found an area where the industry’s business model was failing to close billions of dollars each year in additional sales.

He developed a technological interface that instantly connected qualified borrowers with some of the top lenders in the country. This enabled the additions of billions of dollars per year to the home improvement economy and almost instantly propelled GreenSky into the upper echelons of the fintech industry.


A good candidate for an IPO

Within three years, the company was doing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans each year. Over the last decade, GreenSky has roundly proven itself as a stable and viable means of generating billions of dollars of new loans. The company has reached a state of maturity that may make it an ideal candidate for going public.

Going public has a number of large advantages. It greatly increases transparency and liquidity, ensuring that all stakeholders get a fair shake while also providing the company with the capital it needs to continue expanding. While GreenSky Credit’s current value has been estimated to be around $5 billion, many analysts are predicting that the company’s value as a public firm could skyrocket to as much as $10 billion as almost all public companies trade at a premium to their private equivalents.

This would make the company one of the biggest fintech companies in the United States and would mark an incredible ascent for a company that had been financed and started completed by one man. But whether or not the company will ultimately pull the trigger on its IPO may be largely dependent on the whims of the market. With recent downturns, including in the fintech sector, it may be impossible for the company to follow through. Regardless, the chance of GreenSky eventually going public is high.