Talkspace Supports People with Mental Disorders at Their Convenience

Whether you are a working professional or a homemaker, there is always something to be done. Day-to-day pressure to get things done can cause stress. Prolonged stress can lead to major illnesses, and it is necessary to manage stress properly. It is important to identify the stressor and remove it before it can cause further problems. It is essential for people to speak to a counselor in these cases so that they can get proper treatment for the same. But, many people do not reach out to a counselor mainly because their insurance does not cover it and they feel that they will not be able to pay for the therapy. It is where online counseling comes to the rescue.

Online therapy is different from the free counseling that one often sees on the internet. Online therapy is offered by licensed counselors, but it is done through text messages or video chats. It is more convenient and is also affordable for people. Online sessions allow people to express themselves in a much better way than they would in a traditional setting. People today are comfortable with text messages, and many find it difficult to speak about their problem. But, remaining anonymous during online therapy allows them to be open about their issues and to get the best treatment possible for it. There is no need of taking appointments days in advance, and people can speak to their therapists when they are feeling depressed or down.

Talkspace is one of the top online apps offering online therapy to those who need it. It allows people to reach out to a therapist as quickly as possible which is not possible with in-person therapy. Talkspace currently has more than a million subscribers, and its subscribers are increasing daily. The counselors are available to the users around-the-clock.


Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi Have Issued A Negative Report Regarding The Kodak Company

A negative report has been issued by Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi. This report concerns the Eastman Kodak Company. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer for Kerrisdale and believes both KODAKCoin and KODAKOne are critically flawed. He does not believe these companies are capable of providing the Kodak shareholders with any material benefits. He feels the only reason the shares have risen is unjustified hype.

The lead developer for KODAKOne is WENN Digital Inc. The strategic advisors are AppCoin Innovations Incorporated and KODAKCoin ICO. These companies both have extremely dubious backgrounds. Sahm Adrangi has spoken of the Kodak members of the board of directors. The day prior tp KODAKOne being officially launched these board members took it upon themselves to grant restricted stock among the members of the board. This act is considered suspicious and has drawn the possible risks and repercussions of an investigation by the SEC.

The announcement made by Kodak regarding their partnership is not believed sufficient to save the business from the steadily decreasing revenues, mounting risk of default and negativity of the free cash flow. These are many of the reasons the private investment manager of Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi have had a negative report published. The company additionally explained their short position in regards to Eastman Kodak Company. This is a commercial imaging and printing business. Since the partnership was announced to launch an image licensed platform that is enabled by the blockchain and photo centric currency their stock has increased by 187 percent.

Kerrisdale Capital Management and Sahm Adrangi believe these announcements were nothing but an empty attempt to pursue the ICO craze. They additionally believe this will not offset the unsustainable capital structure and poor fundamentals of Kodak. Kerrisdale will be hosting a conference call to discuss the report they have published regarding the Kodak company.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC is classified as a fundamentally oriented manager for investments. The manager of the company is Sahm Adrangi. He has placed his focus on investments deemed to be valuable for the long term. He additionally concentrates on special situations driven by events.

Todd Lubar Investing and Teaching

Todd Lubar is a successful real estate investor who enjoys helping other people with investing. He has invested in real estate for decades. During his career, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of homes. He plans to continue investing in the coming years. Not only does he want to buy more properties, but he also wants to teach more people about the basics of investing.


Todd Lubar started working in the real estate industry after college. Although he enjoyed selling homes to clients, he wanted to increase his income. He quickly found that owning rental properties helped him supplement his income. He started looking for deals in the Baltimore area. Since that time, he has continually focused on helping others with this process. You can visit his page.




Investing Tips from Todd Lubar


According to Patch, Todd Lubar has a ton of investing tips for people who want to get started. Some people wrongly believe that real estate investing is easy. These investors buy the first property that they see for sale. Quickly purchasing a property is the wrong approach to successful investing. The best real estate investors spend months looking for a property. With rising housing costs, Todd Lubar is having trouble finding a good deal in the Baltimore area.



Financial Planning


Another major issue for new real estate investors is debt. Few people have the cash to purchase a new home without a mortgage. Some banks are easy to work with to get a real estate loan. Other banks will not lend money to real estate investors.


Before borrowing money for an investment, real estate investors should conduct a lot of research. Some people end up ruining themselves financially by borrowing too much money at one time. In the last housing crash, many real estate investors went bankrupt from this strategy. Todd Lubar is a proven leader in the real estate industry. Anyone who wants to learn about investing should listen to his advice.



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Dr Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Inc. He had been a cofounder from 1997 and became the CEO in November 2002. Before Seattle Genetics Dr Clay Siegall had been working with Bristol-Myres Squibb Pharmaceutical research institute where he was a research investigator.

He is a PhD in genetics holder from George Washington University and also holds a bachelor of science in zoology from Maryland University. He has also written about 67 papers in science and is a holder of nine patents.

Dr Clay Siegall has received various awards like the Ernst and young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the year in the year 2002 and also the 2013 University of Maryland alumnus of the year for computer maths and natural sciences. Also, in 1995, he received the Pierce award.

He has a vast experience of more than 20 years in cancer research and drug development in therapy. He has also held different positions in Seattle genetics and also in other companies. In Seattle genetics, he was executive vice president and the principal scientific officer from 1997 to 2000, chairperson from April 2004 up to date. He is a director of Washington biotechnology and biomedical association and Fred Hutchinson cancer research business alliance.

He has also played an enormous role in the cancer research sector and has brought up many innovations through Seattle genetics and advanced in cancer analysis and treatment. He has exhibited a great passion for helping cancer patients all around the globe, and this has led even the company to achieve much and makes tremendous advancement in the cancer therapy field. For instance, through his leadership, he has helped Seattle Genetics build up the first drug Antibody Drug Conjugates which was approved in 2011 by Food and Drug Administration. The drug has gone a great way in helping cancer patients all across the world.

Dr Clay Siegall has also gone a great way in advancing Seattle Genetics Inc. as a company for the 20 years he has been in its leadership. He has helped seek finances for the company through private and public offerings, e.g. $330million in 2001. He has also employed more than 900 employees. Through him, the company has got various collaborations with various companies aimed at generating more resources, for example, the partnership with Genentech, Progenics, Med-immune, Bayer and Curagen. These agreements have brought in a lot of financial resources.

Dr Clay Siegall can, therefore, be seen as an innovator, leader, team worker and a very dedicated person in whatever he does.

Suffer from Pain? Try a Free Bottle of Heal N Soothe with this Offer

Heal N Soothe is a natural supplement designed to relieve pain in the body. It has been introduced to the market by LivingWell Nutraceuticals and The Healthy Back Institute. LivingWell has been in business since 2005.

This product is advertised as a natural alternative to drugs. It is for the pain and inflammation that’s so many people suffer in the joints, the upper and lower back, and more. Heal N Soothe is made with proteolytic systemic enzymes, and other natural ingredients. Proteolytic systemic enzymes provide an enzyme therapy to the areas causing the pain and inflammation. It would then reach the area faster and speed up the healing process. The treatment of pain with traditional drugs can cause side effects.

Proteolytic systemic enzymes have been in use for over 50 years. It is said to relieve some of the stress factors, that are one of the causes of pain. The pain can be a reaction to stress. The ingredient section on the supplement bottle lists other active ingredients as well. Other ingredients of Heal and Soothe are bromelain, papain, bio flavonoid rutin, turmeric, white willow bark, calcium ascorbate, boswellia. More of its ingredients include ginger root, l-gluathione, vitamin E, devil’s claw, mojave, and yucca.

The manufacturer recommends a daily dosage of 2 capsules. They want people to try the product, and they have a promotion going on now. LivingWell has a free trial offer. When people order a bottle of Heal N Soothe supplements, they will pay only a shipping and handling charge of $9.95. The bottle contains 90 capsules. The offer is available to new customers , and for a limited time only. The customer must sign up for monthly automatic shipment at the same time. The regular price of Heal and Soothe is $49.95. If a customer isn’t happy for any reason, they can cancel the monthly shipments anytime.

The company posts some money saving coupons on the website. They also offer special promotions from time to time. The manufacturer adds that individual results may vary, and they would like new customers to try out a free bottle of all-natural Heal N Soothe.

Herman Law: Advocates for a worthy cause

With the current rise in a push for accountability on people who have conducted rape. or sexual assault, it is interesting that some states have laws that can make it easy for the perpetrator to walk. In the state of New York, a current law involving adolescent sexual abuse or rape, allows only five years for the victim to bring the crimes to the court. On top of this, the plaintiff must be 18 years of age. This means that there is only a window of 18-23 in which the victim can report the crime. This law does not promote accountability, and that is why The Child Victims Act, crafted by Manhattan Democrat Brad Hoylman, is being pushed. This bill would allow a one year window for time barred civil action lawsuits for up to fifty years. This would help victims get their voices heard. Figures such as Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers-Barnhard are now pushing for republicans to pass this bill, and a coalition called “The New Yorkers against hidden predators” is gaining steam as well. A Quinnipiac poll shows that over 90% of NY voters support this bill, so there is hope, and likelihood that it can pass in it current form.

Jeff Herman, the founder and managing partner of Herman Law, feels that advocacy towards abuse and sexual violence is the key to its solution. He is a nationally recognized attorney who is a known advocate for rape survivors. Jeff has worked with over one thousand victims, and has worked tirelessly and aggressively in the courtroom. In 2011, he gained the spotlight when he won a one hundred million dollar landmark case against a Catholic priest that had sexually abused his son. This brought Herman interviews on CNN and FOX, in which his deep understanding of rape cases was exposed. People who have worked with Herman feel that his training in forensic interviewing has helped remove trauma and anxiety from the situation. He is a key figure in helping bring a voice, and policy options to a group that may not have much support.