Affordability + Personalization = Fabletics

In 2013 renown actress, Kate Hudson, created an athletic clothing brand for all women. The new product, Fabletics, was created to be athleisure wear for women. Fabletics is the epitome of athleisure wear serving as comfortable exercise clothing and everyday lounge wear. Kate Hudson designed Fabletic clothing with two goals in mind: affordability and healthy living inspiration for a diverse group of women. Fabletics has even been considered to “ take on Amazon” in terms of independent financial success. Some factors attributed for the success of Fabletics are: reverse showrooming which includes the encouragement of customers to become members online, exclusivity of product due to personalized offers, and data science.

The prices of Fabletics wear are much lower than that of companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Athleta while being more personalized. For $49 an individuals can obtain an entire work out outfit. A $49 purchase includes a top, sports bra, and bottoms based upon personalized preferences. Before the creation of Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics women were left to choose between price or personalization. Few companies existed before Fabletics that allowed women personalization at an affordable price.

It is predicted that athleisure apparel will represent $83 billion in United States sales by 2020. Thus, it is important have the best variety and options for athleisure apparel possible, and Fabletics appears to be one of the best athleisure wear options for women encompassing both affordability and personalization. Through the promotion of her product Kate Hudson also promotes a healthy lifestyle for a diverse group of women in the United States with ranging size, age, and background. The Fabletics site even includes a fun Life Style Quiz to help women discover which personalized outfit best fits their lifestyle. The quiz includes information about exercise preference, work out location, and body type to best assess what Fabletic wear best suits each individual. If you are considered purchasing Fabletic wear I encourage you to see which personalized attire best fits your lifestyle by taking the Life Style Quiz (

Kate Hudson continues her successful career through the development of Fabletics a promising brand of athleisure clothing.




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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Help Women Living with Cancer Find Complete Health

Though we live in an era where flying cars, modified human cyborgs, and printable on-demand organs are very much a real possibility and very well will be entering the market at some level within the next few years we unfortunately have not been able to completely find a way of healing those that suffer from one of the most devastating disease facing our society, cancer.

Until the day we can finally cure cancer and add the disease to the same history books that now house polio and cholera, for most modern societies, doctors, researchers, and hospitals look for ways to treat the disease effectively.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Reach Out to Women Living with Cancer Bringing Message of Empowerment

As doctors treat the physical symptoms that accompany cancer as well as the physical symptoms caused by the treatments, one very essential portion of complete well-being and health can be easily overlooked, the emotional well-being of those living with the unfortunate diagnosis.

So to help those strong individuals that continue to march forward despite the overwhelming odds, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with the American Cancer Society to create a new outreach program designed to bring hope, normalcy, and most of all emotional well-being to women living with cancer.

Aptly named the Look Good Feel Better program, the outreach mission brings together those local women who are bravely living with cancer and local cosmetic professionals for group seminars, lessons, and tutorials all focusing on maintaining their image of beauty despite a positive cancer diagnosis.

More than makeup tips and free cosmetic kits, the women who attend the Cancer Treatment Centers of America program find a sense of community and strength being around those who face the same struggle.

To read more about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, please visit the Chicago Tribune.

The Leading Wall Street Investment Advisor, Mr. Paul Mampilly, And His Profit Unlimited

Paul Mampilly first announced his presence in the New York investment sector about two decades ago. Since then, the highly sought after hedge fund manager has been pulling amazing investment deals for international companies, such as the Kinetic International and the Deutsche Bank. During an investment challenge organized by the Templeton Foundation in 2009, Paul pulled a surprise by gaining $38 million in return on a $50 million investment. He won that challenge.

Profit Unlimited

Fast forward to 2016; Paul was back with yet another masterclass piece of innovation. After signing up with Banyan Hill Publishing, he set out on a mission to guide Wall Street’s aspiring investors to landing lucrative investment deals. He started a research service, Profit Unlimited, through which he gives informed investment advice to his subscribers. The service has so far managed to attract more than six million subscribers in a record of one year, with the figure expected to fluctuate in the near future.

Profit Unlimited subscribers are entitled to a new stock update every month. Mampilly sends them a research-advised newsletter that analyses potentially viable investment opportunities in details. As an additional benefit of this newsletter, the subscribers also access a weekly update on how their investment fairs in the market.

Subscribers’ Reviews

Just like the overwhelming subscription rate, the nature of reviews by Profit Unlimited subscribers are equally overwhelming. One subscriber wrote to thank Mampilly for helping him make his first ever sensible gain in the stock market for over three decades.

Mampilly Paul

Mampilly secured his first job at Deutsche Bank in 1993 as an assistant portfolio manager. He was later promoted to become the portfolio manager in 1995. After attaining his MBA in finance back in 1997, Mampilly earned a promotion to the research analyst position. Since leaving the bank in 2001, he has since worked for ING Funds and Kinetics Asset Management.

Outside of the investment world, Paul Mampilly has for many years been involved in voluntary community work. Some of the notable organizations he has ever worked with include the International Center in New York and Big Brothers Big Sisters.