Getting Organized With Party Planning

Getting organized is one of the most important things when it comes to party planning. For one thing, people that take the time to plan out every aspect of the event is going to have a smoother time than those that try to take everything as they come. Even though parties and other events are about having fun and being spontaneous, the set up of the party is not such a party if very little thought has been put into it. This is why it is important to allow at least a month to pass before the event takes off.


For people that have a hard time coming up with a good plan, here are event planners in NYC that can help with the planning process. Twenty Three Layers is the event planning company in NYC that has a lot of experience with every aspect of the party planning. They can help the host come up with an organized plan that will take everything along in a smooth fashion. Twenty Three Layers can work at any pace. They can work with baby steps. However, if there is something that needs to be taken care of quickly, they can take it on at overwhelming speed.


Twenty Three Layers is willing to speak with the host in order to come up with a solution that will make the party work at the best possible level. They help the host with the decisions on how long the party is supposed to last as well as what it has to offer the attendees. After all, people don’t expect to go to a party that has nothing to offer when it comes to drinks or food. Twenty Three Layers helps with the decision as to whether or not they are going to charge for the items they offer in the event.



New Brunswick New Jersey; Violent Crime a Closed Incident or New Standard in Community?

New Brunswick, New Jersey has had a chaotic string of violence throughout its’ recent history. A shooting and robbery have created a new civil fear for those law-abiding citizens residing in the communities once quiet confines. Various residential and commercial areas have become hot spots where random violent crimes have been committed.


New Brunswick Apartment Complex has been one such area of crime. On a calm day in October police were notified of a shooting located at 33 Commercial Avenue. The incident took place in the area of building number one in the apartment complex. The 206 unit building is located right across the road from a police department headquarters, which make this crime even more disturbing. The victim had a single non-life threatening gun shot wound and was taken to the local hospital by another civilian in a dark toned Honda. While the injured individual did not sustain any major injury, multiple bullet casings were found outside the suspected location. The man that is believed to have perpetrated the crime was thought to be wearing a hoodie and fled the scene on foot after the crime.


The apartment complex shooting is not the only recent crime in the area. On November 30, 2012, a pizza delivery man was robbed by a group of delinquents. After being told a pizza delivery was incorrect at Quincy Circle, three young men approached the delivery guy and claimed that they ordered the pizza. One suspect then placed a gun to the victims’ head and stole the pizza, money, and wallet prior to fleeing in an older minivan. Fortunately, the police were able to use cell phone records to link 21 year old Parysh Wood, or “Pistol”, to the site of the crime. An arrest and armed robbery charges ensue for Wood and other arrests for the two remaining delinquents were forthcoming.


While these rash crimes have come as a surprise to this quiet community, the police and other involved entities are stepping forward to solve the cases and charge those individuals who are responsible. Hopefully through due diligence and a strong community stance against violence, this area of New Brunswick will once again go back to its’ peaceful atmosphere.

George Soros Contributes $2 Million In Support Of Campaigns Against Arpaio

The recent loss of the Democratic presidential candidate has not thwarted George Soros’ aims to bring political change through his personal donations. In his push for criminal justice and immigration reforms, the self-made billionaire recently contributed $2 million in an Arizona election on The funding helped to defeat Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff. The election is one of the many local law enforcement campaigns that the billionaire is funding.

According to documents released by Maricopa Strong, a Soros-funded PAC, the investment banker’s $2 million contributions also saw other like-minded parties fund the campaigns on Forbes. For instance, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs, donated $250,000 and Laura and John Arnold from Texas donated half a million dollars. Previously, George Soros had donated $300,000 to the course. These donors are also contributing to the campaigns of other Democratic candidates. However, Soros remains the biggest donor on the list of billionaires who have contributed to the Maricopa campaigns.

George Soros has also spent millions in other local prosecutor campaigns around the country. Currently, he is funding three campaigns. The three races are Harris County (Houston), Gilpin and Jefferson Counties (Denver), and Phoenix (Maricopa County). In Harris County, Soros has spent $1 million. In Denver, he has contributed about $1.5 million, while in Phoenix he has already spent $1 million. In Phoenix, the Democratic donor is spending big to defeat Bill Montgomery, the incumbent Republican district attorney. His contribution has allowed the groups behind the candidates to spend big on TV ads, billboards, and radio ads.

The funding against Arpaio is Soros’s first ever spending to unseat a sheriff. Many believe that the high-profile liberal on boogeyman’s national audience necessitated the spending. Arpaio has been vocal on anti-immigration reforms. He has also been accused of stagnating judicial reforms in the county. Arpaio was recently charged with contempt of court. This was due to his violation of a court order aimed at stopping discriminatory policing practices. Soros is a strong believer in immigration reforms.

The recently released Maricopa Strong financial documents showed the organization spent $2.9 million. The funding was able to transform the campaigns of Paul Penzone, the Democratic candidate, to becoming a front-runner in just a few weeks. The Soros-funded campaigns focused on reaching out to as many voters as possible, through a flurry of mailers and TV ads. Jobs and Arnold’s contributions further enhanced Paul’s campaigns.

The TV ads had strong messages against Arpaio. For instance, one of the ads accused the sheriff of focusing on his personal agenda while local issues such as assaults, rape, and child molestation remained unresolved. This has resulted to delayed justice to many of these victims. Arpaio has been in the judicial system for over two decades.

The sheriff also had a strong campaign with over $2.8 million spent only on TV ads. He has mainly depended on his national audience to raise money for his campaigns. However, more funds helped improve Penzone’s campaigns with the polls indicating shifts in the campaigns. With just a few weeks to the end of the campaigns, the Democratic candidate was already in the lead. However, Arpaio won the re-election by 6 percentage points.

Rich Shinto Introduces Groundbreaking Ideas To Further Build InnovaCare Health

Leadership is the ultimate goal to success and many companies that understand this record massive growth, both in revenues and in impacting the society. One of the areas where companies face challenges and have to pass the test of time is healthcare. This is an area where a slight mistake can soil the image of a company and considering nobody would risk their health with an institution that is trusted, losing business becomes the ultimate path to death. Companies that survived difficult times and came back courtesy of good leadership include InnovaCare Health, which has been under the leadership of Rick Shinto, the CEO and President.

Across Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health is identified as one of the best companies in the provision of managed healthcare services and has been offering Medicare Advantage plans that are unique and suited to the needs of many users. In fact, it has been getting customers from the entire North American region and there are plans to expand reach to other regions. All these changes the company has been enjoying over the past five years are as a result of having focused and experienced leaders.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in 2012 and became their CEO and President. He had previously served at several successful companies, one of them being Aveta Inc., where he worked as CEO between 2008 and 2012. His experience also highlights his working with companies like NAMM California among several other institutions. Rick Shinto has been the pillar behind the changes InnovaCare Health enjoys today and he is a transformative individual with a vision that is aligned towards transforming the company to become a reliable institution where all can access high quality managed healthcare services.

Penelope Kokkinides

Also highlighted among those who have built InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides, who was appointed to serve as the Chief Administrative Officer. She also served at Aveta Inc., at the same time with Rick Shinto and her position was that of the deputy President. View her infographic resume at

More about InnovaCare Health

Founded over one decade ago, InnovaCare Health is an established company that deals with managed healthcare services. It is based in Puerto Rico and its network has expanded to the entire North America region due to the great services the company has been offering. In 2012 when Rick Shinto was appointed CEO, InnovaCare Health had less than 50,000 Medicare Advantage users but the number has more than quadrupled over the years.

Fabletics Transcending The E-Commerce Market

Sometimes you find a creative solution to a problem others have had. Fabletics started out to create a solution to the problem women had of finding premium quality athletic wear at a moderate price. Solution: In July 2013, actress Kate Hudson joined forces with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to create a fashion line that was coined, “athleisure.” Now that company, Fabletics is posed to do something very few other e-commerce businesses can boast of, take on Amazon. That little “athleisure” company, which started out as an online business only is now ready to open multiple “bricks and mortar” retail locations.


Amazon is a recognizable name in the e-commerce, laying stake to a commanding 20% share of the fashion market. Kate Hudson and her business partners are now in position to challenge Amazon in three different classes. Fabletics has grown from an obscure little fashion label into a spot of their own as a leader in the subscription based “activewear movement.” The three classes which Fabletics is set to go toe-to-toe with Amazon are:


Subscription based membership-High value brand at an economical price-Opening physical retail stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida-

  • Subscription based membership- Amazon’s prime is membership only
  • High value brand at an economical price- Amazon has built their entire 23 year history around name brand merchandise at low prices
  • Opening physical retail stores in Hawaii, California, Illinois and Florida-Amazon opened its first one in November 2015


Fabletics had $250 million in sales in its initial three years. The successful formula for the company has been allowing customer to mix-and-match pieces to create custom athletic wear. Customers like to control the pieces that they own as exclusive activewear selections. In a published statement, Fabletics General Manager talked about the importance of being recognized as a “high value brand.” Gregg Throgmartin said, “Our membership model is what allows us to offer personalized service and on-trend fashion at half the price of our competitors. It’s just a lot easier to make people happy when you know who they are and what they want.”


As a subscription based brand, Fabletics doesn’t plan on straying too far off course from their original business model for the retail stores. Instead of trying to compete with other showroom merchants such as Nike, Under Armour and Reebok, Fabletics will stick to having customers browse merchandise offline. This will result in a return client base of people who are members; with an expected draw of 30-50 percent. Meaning that nearly half of the people who walk through the door of Fabletics retail stores will have already have a membership. Fabletics estimates that they’ll convert 25% of walk-ins into members.


What’s exciting about Fabletics opening retail stores is that it will flow in conjunction with online sales and actually enhance the shopping experience for members. So, the formula for success for Fabletics is familiarity and offering real value for the money. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), anticipates that more companies will follow Fabletics lead.

US Money Reserves Guarantee Quality Service And Client Satisfaction


Brief History


The US money reserve was started in 2001 and is one of the country’s largest distributors of US government issued gold, platinum, and silver products. It is based in Austin, Texas. Clients looking to diversify their assets with US gold and silver coins seek these services from the money reserve. The institution has since developed into one of the largest distributors of physical precious metals.


Service Overview


The company is devoted to satisfying all their customers, whether regular or new, without bias. The firm provides resources and support required to enhance clients’ experience. Their gold specialists help customers in choosing which precious metal will help them achieve their goals. Moreover, the institution also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on its certified coins in case a client is dissatisfied.


The firm employs an array of experts, ranging from coin research professionals to numismatic gurus. Customer relations, a vault and shipping, and a business department are also included. In addition, there is sales verification personnel who work hand in hand with a compliance and standards department to provide high-quality bars, coins, and bullion along with superior client satisfaction.


The establishment has up to date served over 300,000 individuals. This is because it prioritizes building a trustworthy relationship between prospective clients and itself, even before conducting business. They have a dedicated phone line through which customers can share their objectives and in turn get professional advice on how to deal with their unique situation.


A New-look Website


The company recent rolled out a top-notch website with an advanced interface. The new look site has incorporated a new coin alert as well as a pictorial of its current president and former US Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl. The site enlightens clients in the merits of investing in government-issued coins while enhancing purchasing experience.


Customers can enroll to an information kit that updates them on precious metals and terms associated with coin minting. The online shop offers live competitive pricing of silver and gold bars. PGCS certified coins and other exclusive products are also availed on the website.


A new feature, called the Client-Connect Advantage, is also included on the new site. This feature enables the firm to contact clients for personal consultations, special offline releases, secure offline transactions, and purchasing assistance. This feature paired with a fast insured shipping has had the customer numbers soar greatly in recent times.

Learn more:


Todd Lubar the Mortgage Banker

Todd Lubar is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in mortgage banking. He is a resident of Bethesda Maryland and is currently the president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. Lubar played a vital role in the success story of Legendary Investment where he served as the senior vice president. In 2005, Todd accepted a job as a senior president with charter funding, a position he held until August 2007. While he focuses mostly on mortgage banking, he also owns several other companies in different industries.

Todd Lubar graduated in 1995 from Syracuse University. Upon Completion of his university degree, Todd started off his career. In the first stages of his career, Todd worked for Crester Mortgage cooperation where he served as a loan originator, a position that enabled him to mingle and engage with different people in the industry. As a result, the father of the two acquired a lot of knowledge in mortgage banking which he used to further his career. Having developed a crucial platform, he launched his first company Legendary Properties, LLC.

According to an article on, his achievement and contributions to mortgage banking are unmatched. One of his residential development company is responsible for numerous transactions in the single and multifamily properties. In 2007, mortgage industry evolved. Lubar decided to specialize in mortgage origination that led to the launch of Legendary Financial LLC, a company that provides commercial lending services. He found himself to be very fascinated by the business that he used legendary properties liquidity as well as his savings to fund most borrowers. His experience and knowledge have contributed to the success of the company. Todd Lubar has appeared on the list of the top 25 loan originators in the country.

Todd Lubar has made a name for himself in the real estate industry. He can be described as a passionate real estate agent. His vast knowledge and experience have played a significant role in shaping the real estate industry over the years. Todd Lubar has been a real mentor and has talked to prospect entrepreneurs on how to invest and how to choose the field to invest in wisely. To read more, visit

View Todd’s profile for additional info.