Lori Senecal Finds Her Element And Becomes CEO

Lori Senecal is someone who is more action oriented as opposed to talking. She takes the time to make sure that business is running in an efficient manner. This is one of the reasons that she has seen a lot of success in her career in spite of being a relatively shy and introverted person. Lori Senecal is not one of the people that have resigned to a less than satisfactory life because of her personality. She has instead used it to her advantage. People were more able to see her other qualities since she was not always seeking attention.

As of right now, Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B. As CEO of the company, she is focused on the development of the company. She is also overseeing the productivity on 9 different offices that are located internationally. In her role of CEO, she has helped with the growth of the company in many ways. For one thing, she has a focus on talent that helps her bring forth people that are really good for the company. She is someone that is all about productivity and collaboration. As a result, Lori Senecal has won over many different businesses including American Airlines, PayPal, Infiniti, and a few other companies.

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One thing that has gained her the position of CEO is that she has a reputation of growing companies. She has grown a previous from 250 people working domestically to 900 people working worldwide. This is quite a talent for someone who is introverted. This shows that her approach to business is something that is efficient and straight forward. One thing that could be said for Lori is that she is not afraid to make the hard decisions. She is also not one that will waste time on anything that is not conducive to getting the job done.

Lori has shown that even the introverts could succeed in the markets. She is someone who has constantly stepped out of her comfort zone because she has seen that this is one of the best ways to grow. She has taken on many different challenges and has succeeded in her field.

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Why You Should Throw Out Your Shampoo

The future of hair-washing has arrived, and it’s all thanks to a product called the cleansing conditioner. For almost a century, women have been washing their hair with shampoo and following it up with a conditioner, but beauty experts are now saying that the cleansing conditioner is a miracle product that can do it all and leave you with hair that is healthier, shinier and more manageable than ever before.

The cleansing conditioner is meant to replace both shampoo and conditioner. As opposed to traditional drugstore shampoos, which use harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate which strip the hair of its natural oils that make it healthy, cleansing conditioners gently remove dirt from the hair and scalp and hydrate it with nourishing ingredients.

Cleansing conditioners work for all hair types, but those who benefit from it the most are those who have curly and thick hair. Women with this hair type usually suffer the most damage from traditional shampoos as their hair is more prone to dryness and frizz. Cleansing conditioner hydrates damaged hair without the use of harsh and drying chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrances.

Wikipedia reveals that women who have dandruff and dry scalps also benefit tremendously from cleansing conditioners. These products give the scalp serious moisture and nourishment which protect it from becoming flaky and irritated.

One of the most popular cleansing conditioners on the market is the 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner by Wen hair by Chaz. This product uses only natural ingredients like vegetable glycerin and botanical extracts. The 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner not only cleans hair but it also acts as a conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler. See, http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589.

The 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner has been shown to actually undo years of damage caused by the use of harsh and damaging ingredients found in common drugstore shampoos. Women who have suffered frizzy and unmanageable hair for years suddenly find that their hair is soft, shiny and remarkably healthy.

If you find that your hair is dry and difficult to manage, join the thousands of hair care enthusiasts who have made the switch to cleansing conditioner. Chances are that you will never buy a bottle of shampoo again.

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How Does Wen By Chaz Make Every Woman’s Hair Look Great?

Wen by Chaz was formulated for every woman who wishes to take her hair back from the damage that causes split ends, thinning and makes hair look dull. Dull hair looks as though it has no life left at all, and a dull head of hair is not inspiring when women get dressed in the morning. This article explains why Wen by Chaz is the best choice for every woman.

#1: Women Need More Powerful Treatments

Shampoo cannot be a simple soap that hides problems in a woman’s hair. Hair must be treated with powerful products that will make every woman feel beautiful. Treatment in the Sephora advertised Wen by Chaz shampoo helps reduce dandruff, allows hair to thicken and brings back the shine hair was missing.

#2: Women See A Difference In The Mirror

Every woman will see a stark difference in their hair as they wash with Wen by Chaz, and they may style their hair more easily in the future. Styling hair should not be difficult, and a woman who has taken the time to wash her hair daily with Wen by Chaz will feel her hair become stronger.

#3: Hair Shine Again

Hair becomes so healthy with Wen by Chaz Dean that is shines again, and a woman will feel confidence that comes with lustrous hair. She will flip her hair around knowing that it looks good in every sort of light, and she may pair her hair with any outfit she likes. It is quite important that women spend their time wisely when washing their hair, and only Wen by Chaz offers proper treatment in these circumstances.

Washing with Wen by Chaz is quite simple in that is uses very little product while cleaning hair perfectly. Women may bring their hair back to life with just one bottle of shampoo.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime Makeup Company are Unique to Individuals

Doe Deere Ideamensch Interview

When shopping for makeup, what is it that you look mostly for? Are you interested in the brands that are cheap? Do you look for makeup items that are made with no chemicals? What about the brands that are animal cruelty free? If some of these things are what makes you decide one way or another, you should look into Lime Crime makeup line products. With this product line, you will have access to makeup that is cruelty free as well as harsh chemical free. Their makeup is a little more than what you might spend in your local store however, the makeup is much better for your face which is better for you anyways.


If you are curious as to who created this makeup line, Doe Deere is her name. This of course is not her legal name but the name she came up with in order to create an identity that kept her from being known to too many people. She invented the line of makeup when she moved from NYC to Los Angeles. She was born in Russia and spent most of her childhood there. She moved to NYC when she was only 17 years old and lived there for much of the years following. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue other ventures and this was one of the ideas that she liked the best.


Doe Deere married a man who was in her band while in NYC and this lead her to see what other dreams she held in store. She always knew that she would have some kind of a job related to colors as she had a love for art. She as a child would play around with makeup and while holding sleepovers for friends, she would spend lots of time giving the kids a make over. When she realized what she ultimately wanted to do, she moved to New York City to pursue her dreams. Art, music and various other options are what she wanted to do and she was sure going to do it. Her parents always knew she was unique and for this reason, her makeup line is also unique.