Handy Couldn’t Be More Proud Of Their Great Services

Handy is very proud of their cleaning services because it’s become a staple in the lifestyle of many people that need the service. Whether it’s a big business or a small home that needs cleaning, Handy can always handle the job. There are many insured workers that work as independent contractors for Handy, and since they are underneath the Handy umbrella, they must follow Handy’s rules. Every worker will be insured to help cover the customer and their items when the Handy worker is in their home or business. Each worker also has to pass a background check to work for Handy.

Background checks for workers is something that every business should do and is very important for those who work for Handy, especially since they’ll be entering the homes of their customers. Even if a Handy worker has to go to a business to do work, they still need to be trustworthy, so a background check is imperative. Another thing that’s important is to have professional workers that are experienced in anything they are doing. It makes no sense to get someone to do a painting job, and they’ve only cleaned houses in the past, which means they wouldn’t be qualified for the work. Each worker knows the job they are employed for and is qualified ahead of time to do the job.

Those who work for the Handy cleaning service will have their own equipment and will have a background in cleaning. The painters will be professional and will have experience in painting as well. Plumbers are to be licensed to work for Handy, so there is no need for anyone to worry about having a wannabe plumber because they’ll get a real plumber that is a professional. Even the other services that Handy offers will all have professional and experienced workers, and that’s what keeps Handy customers coming back because they know they’ll get the best experience from the company when they order a service. Visit the website, https://www.handy.com/.


A Truly Extraordinary Person: Malini Saba

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go from having nothing to becoming one of the most successful business people in the world? Malini Saba is a living example of that very story line. She went from having almost nothing to being the Chairwoman of Saban, a large, multinational investment firm. She also used her profits from business to fund charities and organizations that give back to her global community. When to comes to “rags-to-riches” stories, Malini Saba’s beats them all.


Malini came to the United States from Sri Lanka when she was 19 years old. With only $200 to her name, she had to attend free classes where her husband was currently attending school. While sitting in on a business class, she became extremely interested in investing. She pursued this career and tried to join several different venture capital firms, being turned down by all of them for not being the right candidate or not having the capital requirements to be an associate. She did not let this get her down, however. She created her own company, Saban.


Saban is now a large, multinational investment firm that has investments in various industries and commodities all over the world. Malini has always been interested in breaking the rules of investing and going after the more risky propositions. She was ridiculed in her early investing days for being reckless and childish with her money. She soon showed her naysayers that she meant business, and grew Saban to the point of having so much excess capital that she used it to fuel her philanthropic endeavors. That is when she turned her life to charity while remaining the Chairwoman of Saban.


In 2001, Malini created Stree, a global nonprofit organization that aims to change how women see their roles in society. Malini is no stranger to a glass ceiling. Growing up in Asia, she saw firsthand how women are kept down, and how they do not fight to make something of themselves in the business world. Stree aims to give women empowerment and provide a way for grassroots movements to take hold. The organization also gives women all over Asia, the Middle East, and Africa the means to start their own business ventures and create their own success stories.


Malini’s giving does not end there. Besides Stree giving all kinds of money to other organizations and causes, Malini herself has given millions of her own money to further the human cause. She truly is an extraordinary woman and an impressive businessperson.

Goldenberg Uses Great Decision Making To Build Great Companies

When asked to list who some of the best young CEOs in Los Angeles are Adam Goldenberg is sure to come to mind. The CEO may not seem as young as he is because he had success so early in his career and has sustained that success for so long. He has hit the mark again, though, with his latest venture. He started JustFab, his most recent startup, in 2010 and the company has seen great success every since. JustFab even raised over $50 million in funding just last year.

JustFab is what is called a VIP membership clothing and fashion company. Clients of the service pay a membership fee on matrixpartners.com. This membership gives them access to special discounts and deals on fashion items through the JustFab website. These items are usually found at a steep discount to their equivalent at retail stores and in other e-commerce sites. One of the biggest assets of the company is Goldenberg’s ability to network with other companies and get their product on his website. One of Goldenberg’s biggest partnership is with the company Fabletics. Fabletics is a daily activewear company that is founded and owned by Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.

Finding great partnerships is not Goldenberg’s only usable skill. Goldenberg has a few other skills that he has developed in his almost 20 years as a CEO in LA to help make JustFab a quick success. Those attributes are the ability to use metrics correctly to abandon a product or idea before it is too late. The other attribute is his ability to hire and cultivate a great staff.

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Metrics are a huge part of any successful business. Some CEOs have too big of a personality to be able to react to information about their company’s products or ideas on Bloomberg and end them. They can’t take information for what it is and not get emotional about it. Goldenberg does not have this problem. He is not afraid to take any product off of the shelves before it is too late and the company loses even more money off of it. This is even true if he brought the product in himself. This is a great asset for a CEO to have when it comes to reducing losses and maintaining a good bottom line.

Goldenberg also employs great hiring practices at http://www.builtinla.com/2014/01/18/3-la-ceos-you-need-know-now-adam-goldenberg-justfab with his company. He is known to forego a potential employee that may have a great resume and go with his guy on someone that is more passionate. It is his belief that you can’t teach passion and hard work. The other aspects of business can easily be taught.

Jason Hope Of Arizona Is A Great Mind In The Tech World

Jason Hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and studied for his bachelor’s degree in finance at the Arizona State University. He went on to earn is master’s degree at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope (@JasonHope) has been heavily involved with technology-based philanthropy and entrepreneurial endeavors during his career. He is known for making accurate technology and industry predictions.

Jason is a big believer of IoT (Internet of Things) market trends. IoT products are common physical products that are have network connects, also known as smart devices. Jason is a firm believer that the cars will be fully connected to the Internet. This will lead to reducing using of cellphones whilst driving as well as better organization with car pooling. He believes that the buzzword “IoT” will be phased out since most products will be connected in the future anyway.

The SENS foundation has received a lot of support and financial backing from Jason. In 2010, he pledged a whopping $500,000 towards the foundation. The foundation is dedicated towards improving biotechnologies to combat age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis and Diabetes. He believes that Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s approach towards these diseases are the absolute only way to go.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason offers a grant program through his official website. New tech ideas that are submitted by students are personally reviewed by him and he will pledge $500 to $5000 to projects that seem worthwhile.

Jason runs his own blog, discussing technology and market issues. He discusses many topics such as IoT related news, Mozilla smart phones, Amazon Prime Music, no power WiFi, coding, self driving cars and other news. In his blog posts, Jason overviews IoT and it’s relevance in the 2015 International CES Convention.

Jason contributes to many tech related websites, publishing mostly works that are related to IoT. He has been featured on Tech.co, Business 2 Community, Medium.com and Tumblr. His name has also been featured in main stream news outlets such as Market Wired, Street Insider and Yahoo Finance.

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The Midas Legacy services


Midas Legacy is a very popular company in the United States. The institution main goal is to help everyone achieve all their lifetime objectives. The company is headquartered in Florida, and it serves people from all over the country. If you are an investor who wants to improve on money management, Midas Legacy can be of great help. Entrepreneurs who need to work to make their life situations better can also get significant help from the organization.


The Midas Legacy also helps its customers with issues concerning wealth, health, happiness and anything else that can improve the sense of the clients. The organization is quite different from its competitors in the market because it focuses mainly on a complete package of life. The company is not only interested in the money: they mostly look at what the customer wants to do with it.


If you are an entrepreneur, this institution will help you with all your business decisions and any other financial decisions. This will significantly help you achieve the success of your business and at the same time create new jobs for other people. The new jobs will help other people improve their lives too.


Midas Legacy is believed to work with different types of people, especially those who like thinking outside the box. The Midas Legacy helps these people to build their lives and make the world a better place to live in. The company has managed to stand out from the rest of the firms in the industry because it pays attention to many aspects of life that are always ignored by most institutions.


Midas Legacy will help you build your life, and it will also help you to know how you can develop different disciplines to cope in the various aspects of life. Working with this institution will be a great way to learn the various options you can use if you want to achieve a better and greater life.

The people who will assist you when working with Midas Legacy are professionals who have a lot of experience in the industry. The professionals will teach you and encourage you about the different options you can use. The mentoring offering by this company is out of this world.


People who need to improve their overall lives will significantly benefit from services offered by Midas Legacy. The institution will walk with you from the beginning to ensure that you succeed in your plans.