FreedomPop Helps Us Get Cheap Phones For The Kids

I was looking for a way to help the kids in the family get a cell phone that would not ruin us. I knew that I had to find something a lot cheaper than normal, and FreedomPop gave me what I needed. They actually had free phone plans, and they let you pay more when you need to. I put data caps on all my kids, and then I told them to manage their minutes and texts. It was very easy to get this started, and then I have been using the same kind of phone myself.

Our whole family is paying per month for all our phones what we used to pay for just one phone. Cell phone companies are charging too much money for everything, but we got away from that by making sure that we came to the one company that could help us actually save money. I like knowing that that cell phone bill is so cheap every month, and I also like knowing that I have options for altering the plan if I have to. This is so much easier than trying to make sure that I got what I needed from a more expensive company.

The company that I trust more than any other is FreedomPop. They are passing savings on to their customers like me, and they are making it very easy for someone like me to know that I can get the phones I need for less money. It is a relief to know that I am not spending too much, and it also helps me to know that I am not making the wrong choices with our finances. It is so much easier to do this with FreedomPop than it is to sweat over a cell phone plan from another company.

Home Cleaning Made Easy with Handy

Handy is a service that connects people who need a home cleaner with people who are able to clean homes. These connections are high-quality and guarantee that people are able to get the house cleaning jobs that they need to be done. The house cleaners who are on Handy are able to get the money that they need to be able to actually make a name for themselves in the cleaning industry. The website is one that is set for convenience and allows people to truly get the services that they need to have delivered right to them with the Handy options.

When someone needs to have a house cleaner, they simply sign up with Handy. They are able to find someone who fits with their needs from the listings of different house cleaners in their area. They can then connect with the house cleaners who they find and they are able to establish a working relationship with them through the messaging system on the website. It makes searching for a home cleaning professional much easier than the old days of taking out ads or simply learning about ones from word of mouth of friends and other people.

It can sometimes be hard for house cleaners to find the connections that they need when they are in small areas (or, even when they are in large areas). This is something that Handy has changed and made different for different types of people. When someone has services that they can offer to people who need house cleaners, they can simply create their listing on the cleaner side of the website. This end of the website works very much the same as the customer end of the website and allows for easy communication between both of the parties who are involved.

The Internet is a place where safety sometimes does not reign. People who are on Handy are able to feel like they are safe with the things that they do. According to – the website is set up to provide relative anonymity so that cleaners and customers do not have to feel unsafe while they are on the site. While customers and cleaners are talking on the site, they are able to keep their identity safe. There are also other measures that are set up to ensure that these people can be as safe as possible while they are using the Handy house cleaning website.

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Twenty Three Layers: New York’s Finest

Party Planning Help
If you’ve been brainstorming an event and are expected to plan it, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Party planning includes a lot of detail, planning and organization and can prove to be a difficult task for many, especially when they’re working solo. Instead of having all that work on your shoulders, you may want to consider hiring an event planner. They will help you to make your vision for the event a reality, while reducing your stress and letting you just enjoy the process. If you are looking for event planners in NYC, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while searching for the perfect company.

Finding A Professional Event Planner
When you start the process, you’ll want to figure out some key objectives for this event. The planner will want to know the what, when, why and where of this event so having it on paper is the first step to keeping organized. Come up with a budget so your planner knows your exact expectations. Once you’ve done some research, whether it was through the internet or word-of-mouth, talk to a few companies about your expectations and what they will do to make this event a success. You’ll know if the company is ideal for your situation, and once you’ve picked one, you should sit down with them to discuss all details. Make sure they keep close contact throughout the planning- this means they care about your input!

A Trustworthy Professional
If you’re looking for an event planning company in New York, you should talk to Twenty Three Layers. This company is not only amazing at what they do, but they are full service and will take care of any and every detail you’re concerned about. They are fantastic with themes, and you can find examples of themed parties on the web. This company has a lot of famous brand clients, like Jaguar, and will work hard to execute the perfectly planned event. If you’re looking for an unforgettable event, trust Twenty Three Layers- you can find them in New York!

Madison Street Capital Might get the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Award

It is another monumental moment for Madison Street Capital because it has been announced as one of the 15 finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The news was recently reported by Benzinga. This Chicago-based banking firm must have really turned heads to have this prestigious awards committee take notice of their accomplishments in the financial industry.

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 with the goal of being a middle market investment company. This company has reached passed the national level, as it is now a reputable international player. It is recognized by several savvy businesses and companies as the go-to investment banking firm. This is largely due to the firm’s relentless commitment to honesty and overall quality in service.

Those who do business with the firm have a lot of options. The firm has different services like effective corporate financial advisory services. The firm also has experts in merger and acquisitions for those who need this kind of assistance. Madison Street Capital is also known for their valuation services, no matter how the business is held, which could be privately or publicly.

There is no doubt that Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of many of its clients. This is something that the awards committee did not gloss over, which is probably why the company has made it this far in the awards competition. The committee looks for great deal-making skills and successes. It also attempts to recognize companies that are effectively overhauling the financial industry. In short, the committee is looking to reward a company that is leading with true contributions in the financial sector.

Madison Street Capital could be rewarded for many things, but one of the key highlights that is making rounds is that it has been nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking firm of the Year. This is due to the company’s commitment to a truly personalized experience once a particular company chooses Madison Street Capital as its investment firm. Another aspect of the company that has been highlighted is the role it plays in a very lucrative deal, which gave Madison Street Capital the International and Industrials Deal of the Year nomination. This particular award is for deals under $100MM. The role that Madison Street Capital played was making sure that the Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco went smoothly, which it did. Apparently, it was Madison Street Capital’s own Karl D’Cunha who led the entire deal and made sure it was a success. This was no easy feat, and it is one that the company is being recognized for.

The winner will be announced at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala. This will happen on the ninth of November at the New York Athletic Club.

Brexit Gold coins invested at high levels after Brexit

With the Britons voting to leave the European Union, a few days later the Sterling has plummeted, and UK stocks have had a little shake. Many people have turned to invest in gold as a safe haven for their property. The speed at which people have being purchasing gold in the recent past has been on the rise. This has been duly noted by several companies that deal with selling and buying of gold.

The current interest in the gold is highly attributed to the Brexit vote and the uncertainty in Britain’s economy. People have in the recent past started converting as much as 50 percent of the net worth in Brexit gold coin. The amount is huge compared to the previous year’s investments that were about 7 percent. The increased interest in gold has also seen a change in the price of the product. The price of Gold has been slowly escalating since as its demands increases.

If you are thinking of purchasing gold, then it could be the right time to have a percentage of your net worth invested here. Before you buy gold, there are a few things to consider such as who you will buy gold from? What delays and hassles could you face and how wide is the gap between the time you purchase it to the time you may want to sell. You can find lots of gold and small bar shops online which you can use for investing in gold.

Gold has also had a huge interest in the recent past since the retail gold investment and markets are very lucrative both for the investor and provider. There are also large wholesale gold bullion markets that trade in large coins and large bars to create a huge market for Gold.

The stock market has been on a slippery slope after Brexit. Skepticism has rapidly grown and stocks have been seen as a bad weather investment. However, according to experts from the US money Reserve, precious metals such as Gold and Silver have experienced a forward leap. The demand has increased since the value of several currencies has steadily weakened. This is however not true in the case of silver and gold coins. Experts have predicted that the coins are set to have an increased value.

If you want to reap the rewards with the gold coins, it mostly depends on what you want to achieve. Gold investments are simply good for buying, locking away to get a real potential and huge profits. Gold is always a safe haven for financial turmoil. The recent European Brexit has seen investors seek alternatives. The Brexit vote increased the demand for the product and according to predictions, it did quite well compared to other investment platforms.

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How to Choose the Right Online Reputation Firm

In recent years, the business realm has seen an enormous increase in online reputation management firms. This is largely due to the massive popularity of the internet. Businesses are becoming more aware of how important it is to create a presentable platform for themselves online. Now more than ever, there is a demand to hire reputation firms that can provide these services in the digital world.

Decent reputation firms like, should be able to perform a variety of services, including the development of web content, social media management on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and search engine optimization so that your brand has more online visibility to people. In addition to developing a positive image for a company, an effective management firm should also be capable of dealing with any public relations crisis. You can read more about what management firms do from this Business News Daily article.

For businesses or brands that are looking to choose the right online reputation management company, here are a few important things to consider. What are the goals you have in mind when it comes to the brand’s reputation? Are you more concerned with web content, SEO, or social media presence? What is your strategy when it comes to customer service? Having strong and definitive customer service goals is often the key to a business’s success. The best thing you can do when choosing an online management firm is to thoroughly research it. Are there credible customers that can attest to the company’s quality? Does the company demonstrate integrity and the right business ethics? There are companies out there that will use deceptive tactics when working for clients. Keyword stuffing, fake review accounts and fake websites are a sure sign of a poor reputation management firm. If you really want to make sure the reputation firm is honest, contact former clients about the quality of the firm’s work.


Why This FreedomPop Review Will Inspire You To Embrace The Service

Few years ago, there were limited options for internet and those available were expensive. Many people thought there being free internet is something that could not happen, but FreedomPop is proving users otherwise. The company has come with free and affordable internet packages that are also reliable for the average user. This is great news.

FreedomPop is a service that fits virtually everybody and they offer economical options that can cater for different budgets and user models. Below is a FreedomPop review that highlights their offerings, pricing model and customer service.

Free cell phone service
FreedomPop rose to fame after introducing their completely free cell option service, which comes with 500 MB and 200 talk minutes as well as ultimate texting. Additionally, there are no contracts tied to the use of this service, meaning users are not bound by any restrictions. There are no fees required after signing up to the service, so you would expect to enjoy the service without fear of cancellation.

The service offered by the company is also open and they send notifications regarding the consumption of data and allotted call minutes. Once the resources are exhausted, they alert you and you are offered options to top up as you wait for the month to end to receive free tokens again.

Wi-Fi calling
Another feature that makes FreedomPop unique and one of the best choices is the Wi-Fi calling option. This service connects with more than 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the country and allows the user to receive, data, text and voice through the network. For people who live in metropolitan regions, this is a perfect option as it makes it even more affordable. FreedomPop offers a cheap rate of $5 every month for this service and they are working to expand their allowance to benefit more users.

Monthly unlimited talk and text
This is another package that FreedomPop offers to users, especially people who need huge amounts of data and call time. With only $10.99 subscription, the user can receive 500 MB data and unlimited talk time and text. This service also allows the user to choose automatic renewal once 400 MB data is used. FreedomPop offers the first month free when one signs up.

The company is fast gaining popularity due to the intelligent options they are offering users, something that to many users is fulfilling their dream of having free internet and cheap call and messaging options.

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