Fashionable Fabletics Active Wear Branches Out With 100 New Planned Stores

It’s got to be actress Kate Hudson’s star power, her joie de vivre and gorgeous casual chic style that have catapulted Fabletics active wear into the stratosphere. The online subscription fashion retailer has blossomed into a major enterprise that keeps on growing stronger.

Kate Hudson co-founded the stylish work-out gear of Fabletics with two online branding geniuses Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013. Today, things are looking up, and expansion is on everyone’s mind. More than one million subscribers are located around the world and proud Fabletics VIP members.

The company is looking beyond the horizon and planning to build up to 100 new brick and mortar retail stores across the U.S. within the next five years, according to a post in

The trio want to cover all the fashion bases with huge numbers online and in physical stores on. Adam Goldenberg believes that shoppers will also enjoy looking at Fabletics active wear in person, trying pieces on and touching the quality of the fabrics. He also says that shoppers will be encouraged to join as VIP members to save even more money on the trendy work-out gear.

Fabletics is located at their spacious, handsome headquarters in Los Angeles. It is inside, where all the fashion magic begins. From the design sketch to production on, brightly colored and patterned Fabletics leggings, tanks, bra tops, yoga pants, dresses and swimsuits are created. The so-called middle man is eliminated in the process and shoppers see the key difference in pricing.

When a shopper joins as a VIP member, she receives her first outfit for only $25 and free shipping. In addition, the perks start rolling, and shoppers save up to 50% off regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items.

An online subscription start-up is not the easiest venture to maintain. There are tons of these e-commerce sites out there, and most explode with a huge bang at the beginning. However, trying to keep subscription services growing is challenging, and most of these start-ups slowly fade away. Fabletics seems to have succeeded in their approach by giving the VIP member the decision to shop or not shop each month. If a member wants to skip buying, all she has to do is click on the “Skip the Month” button available in her personal account. If she does not decide on any action by the 5th of every month, then her credit card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th until she cancels. By the way, that charge can be used as a credit to spend or save. So, it’s a win-win for the shopper.


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SEC Whistleblower Program, Cultivating Integrity and Transparency

Labaton Sucharow LLP has been operating for over 50 years. It is the first law firm in the country to represent Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblowers exclusively. The company announced an award to a whistleblower who exposed significant wrongdoing in the financial industry. The $17 Million award was the second largest award from the SEC Whistleblower Program since its inception in 2010. Whistleblowers are allowed to get 10-30% of the total monetary sanction in an enforcement action. The Labaton Sucharow client provided high-quality information that led to the sanction against a major financial market player. The whistleblower remained anonymous to avoid blacklisting and retaliation.

The chairperson of Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower Representation Practice, Jordan A. Thomas, was optimistic that it is the beginning of significant cases brought by courageous whistleblowers. Jordan represented a public company officer who was the first to receive the whistleblower award. He also worked on a case where for the first time, SEC successfully charged an employer for retaliation against a whistleblower. The Labaton firm is among the top plaintiff litigation firms in the country and has investigators, forensic accountants and financial analysts who are experienced in federal and state law enforcement.

SEC Whistle Blower Program has unique protections and incentives,thus eligible whistleblowers can report anonymously any federal securities violations. The whistleblowers get employment protection and have an opportunity to earn monetary awards. The awards are gotten from Congress’ Investor Protection Fund which currently has a balance of $400 Million.

The SEC Whistleblower Program was established as a result of the enactment of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The Act prohibits retaliation by employers and provides financial incentives and employment protection for the whistleblowers. After the enactment of the Act, a survey was conducted where 78% Americans revealed that they would report malpractices in the workplace if they were protected and awarded. Another survey reported that 89% professional in the financial services industry would also report wrongdoings if they also got protection and financial incentives. Any person or group can participate in the program regardless of their nationality.

The whistleblower representation team can be contacted through electronic submissions, email or phone. International whistleblowers can also get translation services. Case evaluations and initial consultations are free of charge and confidential. The whistleblower is also advised to remain anonymous in the early stages. SEC Whistleblower Program is committed to nurturing a culture of integrity in the financial service industry.

A Firm That Never Disappoints

Being in the correctional industry for decades, Securus Technologies specializes in delivering cutting edge technological solutions that aim at protecting civil and criminal justice. Not long ago, Securus Technologies implemented an innovative application on ConnectUs to assist customers account for their money and time spent on following up on their inmate statuses. According to Roberts Russell, Securus Technologies is committed and happy to provide new forms of technology and features to customers to ensure that their needs are fully satisfied. The new application launched on ConnectUs is a major example of the innovative, latest and effective technologies that Securus Technologies offers. Watch this video on Youtube.

Good News about the Application

In most correctional facilities, officers and staffs commonly use paper forms to cover different requests raised by inmates. These requests include handbook acceptance forms, medial forms and sign up forms among others. Most of the valuable time of correctional officers is usually spend and lost distributing, routing, logging, copying, filing and storing forms. However, Securus Technologies has brought in an application that is hassle free to allow customers focus on other important issues rather than waste time concentrating on paper work.

Inmate Forms and Grievance automated application allows the creation of different custom forms and makes them accessible for inmates. Additionally, one is in good position to make changes on his or her status and this process takes a short time since no printing is involved. Inmates are also able to view the statuses of their grievances and forms and decide on whether to accept or appeal them.

About Securus Technologies

This firm has its main offices situated in Dallas and serves over 3450 correction agencies, law enforcement and more than 1200000 prisoners all over North America. Through the ConnectUs platform, Securus provides its customers robust services and features that display inmate’s history such as their location as well as dynamic application display by time among others.

US Money Reserve Earns Two Prestigious Videographer Awards

Audiences and clients today wish to be entertained as much as possible. Being able to entertain and amuse people is one sure way to help capture their attention and keep it. This is an action that those at US Money Reserve understand quite well.

They know the importance of being able to demonstrate how much they care about audiences and how they can provide them with a new point of view. It is not surprising that such skills have been recognized in the wider business world. Those who provide awards fully understand the kind of skills required to demonstrate such qualities and want to help reward such companies.

Highly Prestigious Judges

According to PR NewsWire,and, at US Money Reserve, officials here were handed two awards. Such awards were provided by judges who are members of a trade organization devoted to excellence. The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals are a group of people who are looking for companies as well as individuals that have talent that can help demonstrate what is possible in this industry for all others to follow.

It was with that goal in mind that they set up the 2016 Videographer Awards. The contest is very popular. This year alone, there were over a thousand entries received from companies scattered across the globe.

Two Awards Of Excellence

Given such stiff competition, those at US Reserve were delighted to find out they had been the recipient of not one but two awards for their work in the industry.

The first was an award in the category of TV/Commercials/Product, an award designed to honor those who are able to take ideas and translate them into something that can help push forward the boundaries of the art of the video by showing that it is possible to create videos that are innovative and thoughtful.

The Second Award

The second award given to the company was for Creativity (TV)/Cinematography, a category that is all about using existing video techniques in interesting ways that may have not have been seen before. Officials at US Money Reserve want to offer their customers the chance to see the world in different ways.

They are honored that their efforts to do so have been recognized by a highly prestigious organization that shares their devotion to the field. As they look to the future, they hope to continue producing such quality videos and earning more awards.