Model Naomi Campbell Continues to Inspire and Impress

Naomi Campbell is one of the most prominent names and one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling industry. She first rose to the top of the industry in the 1980’s and became one of the first five supermodels and is still one of the only black supermodels. Although the height of her career was during the 80’s and 90’s Naomi Campell still manages to to inspire and impress people around the world today. She is a great fashion icon, and stars still channel her style and spirit to this day.

She has inspired countless stars and has encourage many young women to become models. Not only through her style and through her ablity to model and turn heads, but through her television show. She has helped young models to get a head start in the industry with her popular reality show, The Face, as well as through appearances on America’s Top Model.

Although she no longer appears as a supermodel, she is still in high demand. She has continued her print modeling career, and still occasionally appears on the catwalk, where she is revered for her signature style and sexy look. She also continues to inspire stars. Recently Jennifer Hudson, known for her appearance on American Idol and her work in Dreamgirls, was recently seen chaneling Campbell’s sense of style.

Campbell first rose to fame after she appeared in Bob Marley’s video “This is Love” in 1978, at the age of 7 . Born in England, she has spent her career traveling the globe and modeling for various designers, magazines, and international fashion shows. She was the first black model to appear on the cover of time magazine, and has model for all of the top designers and brands, including Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vatton. She has also appeared on the cover of French Vogue, and was the first black model to do so She has appeared in countless tv shows as an actress, including the Cosby Show, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air . She has also enjoyed some success in her career as a raegge singer.

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Kenneth Goodgame – A Skillful Operator who is Transforming North American Organizations

For more than 20 years, Kenneth Goodgame has worked tirelessly in the sales and merchandise sector enabling him to be recognized as the leader in his field. Currently, he is well-known for his operational management expertise enabling prominent U.S. businesses and organizations in creating high-worth OEM products. Accordingly, Kenneth Goodgame is able to provide a complete tailor-made solution to companies that includes all aspects of operations management including financial oversight, marketing and business plans.

Business Skills

His leadership qualities are evident by countless innovative and complex business strategies that Kenneth has made for several firms. These involve creating performance indicators, employee engagement metrics and quality assurance systems. In addition, such skills as cost analysis, composed negotiations and productivity enhancements add to the overall value of a project. In his own words, Kenneth claims that his success depends on his ability to navigate market shifts enabling him to avoid costly mistakes.

A History of Transformation

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from University of Tennessee, Kenneth started managing products and inventories for well-known local stores operating in Southern United States. In just a short period, his leadership skills and problem-solving abilities were in high demand. As such, Kenneth was appointed as a Senior Global Product Merchant at Home Depot. However, Kenneth Goodgame was more interested in getting leadership role in sales and merchandise; therefore, he soon landed a job with Newell Rubbermaid Company in North Carolina. Acting as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he designed and launched several national campaigns helping the company generate hefty percentage revenue gains in just 18 months. In only his first year at the company, he was able to secure $70 Million in sales including #1 SKU in the division.

Kenneth also proved instrumental in the success of subsequent companies he worked for. For instance, working as the President of Techtronic Industries North America, he delivered the first ever profitable year for the company since its inception. From a loss of $2.5 Million, Kenneth delivered a resounding success ensuring a profit of $5 Million by restructuring the company.

Similarly, he also oversaw private label branding of his next company, Ace Hardware Corporation, delivering the highest positive percentage year-to-year sales in the history of the company in the first year of joining. Under his supervision, the unique Craftsmen Program generated $180 Million in sales compared to only $9 Million in previous years, in the hands tool category. Interestingly, he was also a major influence on employees working at the True Value Hardware Corporation. Beside creating several groundbreaking initiatives, Goodgame also created third-party projects such as “pay for play” vendor supported advertising vendor program, which raised millions of dollars in the two years he worked at the company.

Talk Fusion Receives Prestigious Award For Innovative Video Chat Product

Talk Fusion has received another award recently for their famous Video Chat product. The company was handed the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global leader is the online marketing sector.

The prestigious award is given out each year to technology companies who create a browser application that enables video or voice calling, or P2P file sharing, all without requiring any additional plugins to run. Video Chat was selected after the judges were impressed by the ingenious features of the product.

Video Chat allows easy face-to-face communication with other users of the application, no matter what device they’re using. It can run on desktops, as well as smartphones and tablets for maximum versatility. This lets users stay in touch with friends, family, customers and business partners from all over the globe. Video Chat is now being used by individuals and businesses in many countries and its popularity is expected to grow as a growing number of users adopt it.

In a statement about the award, Talk Fusion’s Founder & CEO Bob Reina called it a “huge win” and congratulated his IT team, saying that they deserve the award very well for their hard work in changing global communication.

Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion specializes in developing groundbreaking video marketing solutions. Their products allow individuals to stay in touch with those they care about and give businesses an affordable way to include video marketing as part of their overall online marketing strategies. In addition to Video Chat, they have a full range of products which allow users to include videos in their marketing emails and newsletters. They also created a product that enables live meetings with up to 500 attendees.

Talk Fusion relies on a network of independent associates spread out across 140 countries. They provide these associates with a unique business opportunity that lets them earn instant commissions for promoting their line of premium video marketing products.


Eric Pulier: The American Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Eric Pullier is an American author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, California. Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. In fourth grade, he began computer programming and started a computer company for the database while still in high school. In 1984, he studied at the University of Harvard and majored in American literature and English. He became an editor and wrote a column for The Harvard Column Crimson. He also took classes at an MIT school in the neighborhood. In 1988, he graduated from magna cum laude.

In 1991, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he founded PDT (People Doing Things) company. This is a corporation that that addresses education, healthcare, as well as other issues that employ technology in their operation. He also founded the digital evolution interactive agency that called the Digital Evolution. In 1998, the company merged with the US Interactive LLC. Pullier led the interactive effort in building Starbright World; that is a private social network for the children who are chronically ill where they can blog, chat and post content and meet others that are with the same experience.

In 1997, the inaugural committee of the president selected Pulier in creating an executing the exhibition in the presidential technology in Washington D.C. he called it the bridge of the 21st century. He also participated in Al Gores health care technology forum that led him to take part in the then Vice President’s health. Pulier is also a participant and supporter with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Pulier has founded any other ventures that include Media platform, Akana, investments and others. He has also co-authored SOA Understanding Enterprise. Pulier is also a philanthropist in several non-profit companies and as the innovation board.

Eric Pulier is recognized to be one of the most fruitful and leading entrepreneurs in the enterprise technology and the government. Best known venture capital groups that have been founded and co-founded by Eric Pullier have been financed by the best-known capital investments. These companies include Media Presentation services, Desktone (virtual desktops, as well as service oriented infrastructure (SOA)

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The Story Behind the Hottest IT Staffing Company: DIVERSANT, LLC

DIVERSANT, LLC is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise on a mission to help IT companies across the USA with staff augmentation and diversity solutions. This company was founded by Gene Waddy, who still serves as the CEO.

Mr. Waddy has extensive experience in the IT staffing world through his work at Spherion Technology. His goal with DIVERSANT was to create a company that not only serves the IT community, but also serves his local community by fighting discrimination and allowing more people to have employment opportunities within the IT staffing world. In his spare time, Mr. Waddy offers free seminars and lessons for minority groups to help them understand the opportunities of a career in the IT sector.

The current Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC is John Goullet. Just like Mr. Waddy, John Goullet is an entrepreneur at heart. After graduating from Ursinus College, Mr. Goullet began working as an IT consultant. He later switched over into the IT staffing and subsequently became more familiar with emerging markets.

The first company Mr. Goullet developed was called Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company that worked with many Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Goullet wanted to help different clients by understanding their needs and preferences and then providing them with the best-qualified consultants through Info Technologies. Info Technologies became a huge success for Mr. Goullet, and it earned the distinction of being twice named one of the fastest growing privately-held firms in the USA by Inc. Magazine.

To augment the success of Info Technologies, Mr. Goullet began to meet with Mr. Waddy in 2010. Eventually, this meeting led to the merger of Info Techologies and DIVERSANT Inc. The combined company is now called DIVERSANT, LLC and it continues to serve as one of the largest IT staffing companies in the nation. Both of these men continue doing what they love to do side by side every day of the year: helping serve the community by creating more opportunities within the IT staffing field.

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Philanthropy at Work: Highland Capital Management Commitment to Community

James Dondero’s philosophy in life is to give back to his community. His firm, Highland Capital Management has been committed to helping Dallas area charitable organizations since the firm was established in 1993. He believes that by supporting charitable organizations that promote education he can enhance the community at large.

He and his co-founder Mark Okada have built up Highland Capital Management to be more than just a financial advisory organization. They believe in making a difference in the lives of all citizens. Their concentrated efforts have impacted the lives of many people through their charitable giving fund. James Dondero decided early on to utilize the Dallas Foundation to set up the fund and administer the links to their donors.

The Dallas Foundation is the oldest foundation in Texas and administers funds for non-profit organizations and donors. Dondero met Linda Owens through her work as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Owens’ work gave her some credibility with Dondero to tackle administrative tasks and planning activities for the firm’s charitable giving fund.

Owens has a proven track record in building relationships with the community and shares the firm’s vision of making an impact. The challenge will be finding ways to engage the community and ensure contributions have a great impact on the community. Owens, he believes, is up to that challenge and will be make a great addition to the charitable giving fund department.

Highland Capital Management’s dedication to serving the local community will be well served with Linda Owens at the helm. Owens is looking forward to working with such a dedicated organization through their charitable giving program. Owens thinks that it’s an incredible opportunity to work alongside a firm with that kind of dedication.

Providing strategic direction for the charitable giving fund will be Owen’s primary focus as the firm’s charitable giving manager. Dondero hopes that under Owen’s directional guidance the firm will be able to expand their philanthropy to other area organizations. This is in keeping with the firm’s philosophy of community and corporate social responsibility. Dondero thinks that Owens is a perfect fit for the role.

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Expanding Spiritual Understanding With the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization started by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. The United States-based location opened in 1965 as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. It was created by husband and wife Phillip and Karen Berg. The purpose of the foundation is to spread an understanding of Kabbalah teachings to people around the world. Prior to the creation of the Kabbalah Centre it was common for Kabbalah education to be restricted only to men over the age of 40 with an understanding of Jewish Law. The Kabbalah Centre allows anyone to take part in their educational programs and have teachers from around the world and from many ethnic backgrounds.

The Kabbalah Centre is not designed to act as a stand-alone religion. It is meant to be a supplemental educational experience to help participants discover how to live a better life and improve their world. The program offers traditional Kabbalah principles in a simplified way to make them easier for the average person to understand and adopt. There are five basic principles that include; sharing, ego awareness, understanding spiritual laws, the human connection and how discomfort brings positive results.

Classes are held online and at local Kabbalah Centres. The U.S. Kabbalah Centre has made available book and audio educational materials as well as online lectures that expand on the courses. Some courses in the Kabbalah University program require a paid membership, but much of the material is accessible for free. All students have access 24 hours a day to teachers who can mentor them as they learn and grow. The Centres and the online programs also encourage students to interact with others involved in the teachings to help create and strengthen the Kabbalah community. They sponsor events that bring the community together. Spiritual retreats, lectures and dinners are common events. International events are designed to provide an opportunity for followers around the world to meet.

The Kabbalah Centre Zohar Project has the mission of making everyone in the world aware of the wisdom of the Zohar, an important text to the teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah. The Zohar acts as a companion book to the Torah and discusses the nature of God and the universe. It is believed that awareness of the teachings in this book is vital to stopping the pain and suffering people experience around the world. The members of the Kabbalah Centre deliver copies of the Zohar to areas in need around the world. This includes places affected by war, famine or disease. Copies are also available for free to members of the Kabbalah Centre.

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Who Is This Prestigious Financial Leader?

David Osio. His name is not known to many that don’t know his company. Let’s find out who this person is and what makes him get a name on the Internet. This will be pretty interesting.

David Osio is a part of a company called Davos Real Estate group. This Venezuelan group provides financial advice to a select clientele in Venezuela. This company has been working on developing a real estate app and they have just launched it. This app will be really useful since it will show someone an investment property gain when the cost of the investment is taken into consideration.

This app has gone mobile. It is available for download both on Android and Iphone platforms. This also allows you to pick properties that are available and forward them to your advisor through a chat.

The app also has a mortgage calculator, which gives investors a clear picture of what people can expect when investing in a property. This is really important since some people don’t really know what a return on their investment will look like or even if they will have one.

This app sounds like it’s got everything in one place, which is convenient when you are making a business or personal decision for a property. Along with working on the app, they are working on partnerships around the world, expanding their services to Europe. They will start with Spain.

Now we know a little bit about the company and what they have been working on, let’s find out more about this guy. David Osio graduated from the Catholic University Andres Bello, which is one of the leading universities in Latin America and Venezuela. He specialized in International Banking Law at the institute “Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA”. Mr. Osio began his very own career in 1981 as President and CEO of the company OPED Enterprise being responsible for coffee export programs. He also held an executive position where he was responsible for structuring marketing programs even within the United States.

He has been extraordinarily successful and the company he runs now Davos Financial group seems to be doing well.

Follow Osio on Twitter – @davidosio1

How To Get The Most Vibrant Hair From Using Wen By Chaz

WEN by Chaz is an all-in-one hair care product. In this article on, a satisfied user recaps her week long experience of using Wen by Chaz. The hair care system cleanses and moisturizers the hair with just one bottle.

One the first day, the blogger’s hair felt bouncer and looked shinier. To her suprise, the next morning she awoke to an oily scalp. After, washing with Wen by Chaz, her hair was back to being beautifully vibrant. She had a comparable experience on the third day but was happy to have experienced less oil on her scalp.

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By the fourth and fifth days, she started to set into the routine a little more. She realized that the product worked best for her when using it first thing in the morning. Since the product is so nourishing, if she used it at night it seemed to weigh her hair down by the next afternoon.

On the sixth day, her hair looked so incredible that she was getting compliments from friends. They noticed the added shine to her locks and how healthy her hair’s overall appearance was. By the seventh day, she had really integrated Wen by Chaz into her hair care system and her hair was certainly looking it’s absolute best. She encourages others to try out Wen by Chaz but does advise to wash your hair in the mornings not evenings. Wen is available on Amazon, it is also available on high end beauty stores like Sephora.

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JustFab: So Much To Offer

In a recent article featured in the LA times, it was brought to consumers attention the power of a company called JustFab. Owned by a corporate company called the El Segundo Company, they are also the owners of sister companies like Fabletics and JustFab Kids. If you are unfamiliar with these brands, you must become acquainted. JustFab is a subscription company that sends its customers new clothing each and every month at a fixed cost. Subscription boxes are a recent craze among people worldwide, but JustFab is one of few that has continued to find great success. Companies like Birchbox have even lost twelve percent of their customers in the past year, whereas JustFab is set to make one hundred and fifty million more than it did last year. Thanks to its wide variety of companies and types of clothing, they have a lot to offer its huge clientele.

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The article goes on to talk about how the name of JustFab I set to change this year, in the hopes for even more growth. They will continue to have their lines of children’s, women’s and athleisure clothing in great varieties for their loyal customers. JustFab’s wide success has been such an eye opener for the El Segundo Company to continue making changes and promote growth of this half billion dollar company.

If you’ve never heard of JustFab, this company is a subscription company that allows you one shipped box per month with an item or outfit you’ve selected on JustFab or one of the sister companies. The price will always remain the same, and you can gradually grow a wardrobe with this fantastic subscription box. Feel free to skip a month, shop at your leisure or just get your monthly boxes. The options are endless with JustFab and you will be hooked from the moment you sign up. Source: