Coworking Spaces Are Gaining Ground for Companies


The newest trend in company office space solutions is the coworking space. Just what is a coworking space? Generally speaking, a coworking space is made up of a diversified group of freelance workers, remote employees and other independent representatives who work in a communal setting. Researchers, whose specialty is studying employee satisfaction and productivity, were shocked to discover that workers who had an office in a coworking space were much more productive and satisfied than those in other settings. One of the amazing facts uncovered about coworking spaces was that the people who use them tend to see their work as more meaningful than employees who are confined in an office. Another big reason for this satisfaction is that in a coworking space there is almost no direct competition or internal politics to deal with. This is because of the variety of individuals and skill sets found in a coworking space and because there is more of an opportunity to describe not only what you do to the other occupants but you find yourself in a place where it is normal to help each other out.

People who use these communal spaces also see their work as more freeing because they have more control. Coworking spaces are normally accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unlike in an office, this gives them the option to put in a long day because of a deadline or if they need to take a break or shut down early because of a personal reason. They can even choose to work out of their home to meet a family member need without having to worry about any repercussion. Another reason that these communal spaces thrive is the feeling of community in them. Each of these communal spaces has its own personality and the managers of the space go out of their way to make each space a one of a kind experience. However, socializing with other members is not forced or mandatory. There are times when everybody want and needs to be left alone and this, of course, is understood.

One of the newer of these coworking spaces in NYC is Workville, a communal space located near Times Square and Bryant Park on the 21st floor of a luxury office building at 1412 Broadway in New York City. Workville offers you the choice of a private office, open co-working, conference rooms, internet access, mail services and private cleaning. They also have more than one location to choose from. To see all the possibilities available to you with their unique spaces go to the website at or call or e-mail them at 646-257-5537 and [email protected]

U.S Money Reserve; The Best Investment Option led by Philip Diehl

There is nothing that feels amazing than being sure that you are ready to face the future even after retirement. This notion has left every person in the rush trying to accumulate enough wealth which can assure a decent future. Exchange of money for precious metals such as mint gold, platinum coins, and silver has been the recent trend. This trend is drastically growing due to the many benefits it brings along. In this case, U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest private companies famously known for facilitating the exchange.

Since its establishment in 2001, U.S Money Reserve has remained one of the nation’s largest distributors of the precious metals. The company has staffs who are well informed about the market’s status. Therefore, it has always been in a position to provide crucial information about products that are likely to offer the highest profit for their clients.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

In the modern world, owning precious metals such as gold and silver has been considered as the best way to protect one’s wealth in any volatile economic climate. As we understand, the U.S dollar is subject to downfalls and whims of government.

On the other hand, gold has been known for its long-standing history of safeguarding one’s wealth during a volatile economic downturn. The stability is supported by the fact that gold can’t be expanded to suit political needs and is never at the mercy of governments.  Read more: Gold & Silver | Precious Metals

When it comes to operation, U.S Money Reserve’s president, Philip Diehl boasts of leading the best company in the world. Being a former director of Mint, Diehl claims to be well versed in the entrepreneurial principles and customer satisfaction. Serving six years as the president, Diehl has managed to turn U.S Money Reserve into a real entrepreneurial agency concerning customer satisfaction.

Diehl boasts of helping hundreds of thousands of people make decisions about these precious metals over many years which are done through first winning client’s trust, then business. Through this excellent relationship between the company and their customers, U.S Money Reserve has remained U.S’ largest distributor of government-issued precious metal, bars, and coins.

Recently, the firm introduced a program where the clients can hold gold as a way preparation for retirement while still benefiting from any rise in gold prices.

This program is much beneficial when it comes to the client’s future. Other than leading in the distribution of government issued coins, U.S Money Reserve only acquires these precious metals from world’s most trusted mints. This not only proves how serious the company is when it comes to business; but also assures that the precious metals are nothing but pure.

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Beneful Offers Nutrition and Flavor in All of Their Products

If you are a dog owner and are looking for a brand of dog food that will provide consistency when it comes to flavor, selection, and nutrition, then you need to look no further than Purinastore‘s Beneful. I have been a personal fan of Beneful for several years, and all of my pups love their products. I as an Amazon costumer love that no matter which product I choose, I know that my dogs are going to get food that is made from the best ingredients and ones that will also provide them with all of the nutrition they need to remain happy and healthy for many years to come. Let’s take a look at a few of their products and the wonderful ingredients they are made with!
When it comes to dry dog food for my pups, I choose the Beneful Healthy Puppy Brand and for my adult dogs, I always purchase the Beneful Playful Life brand. The Healthy Puppy brand has all the nutrition that your pup needs to growing into a healthy mature dog. This product is made utilizing real farm-raised chicken as the primary ingredient. It also includes whole grains and vegetable accents such as carrots and peas. The Healthy Puppy brand also has DHA, which helps to support vision and brain development. The Playful Life product is made with real beef and eggs which are blended to perfection along with spinach and blueberries. This product offers all the nutrition your adult dog needs plus extra protein to support their active muscles keeping them healthy, happy and playful!

When it comes to wet food [], you can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean Style Medley nor the Salmon and Wild Rice Incredibites option. The Mediterranean Style Medley is made with real lamb, brown rice, spinach, and tomatoes. The Salmon and Wild Rice meal option is small bites of a perfectly blended mixture of salmon, wild rice, carrots, and tomatoes. Both of these options are great by themselves or blended with your preferred dry dog food. Check out Beneful for the best dog food for your best friend!


Reasons to Use the Skout App

One of the leading social networking apps is Skout which was created in 2007 and has since then become one of the leading global networking platforms in the world. Skout is currently used by millions all around the world and is responsible for bringing together people who come from different regions and who come from different background. Skout can be used for any reason whether is be for a romantic purpose, to expand the social circle, or to even just meet new people from around the world. With the cool new feature to shake the app, people are randomly connected and have the option to chat, look at each profile, or to even look up information and similar likes and dislikes that are all about of the information section.

What makes Skout a unique app is the fact that it caters to people who are just looking to meet new people. Skout is an expert app for breaking the ice among users and has created fun surveys to participate in that match people based upon their likes and dislikes on different subjects. In recent news, Skout even held a national potato chip day that celebrated the different kinds of potato chips. Skout celebrated this day by conducting a survey that brought together thousands of people based upon their love of chip flavors.

One of the best uses of Skout is among college towns. As students gear up for the start of a brand new year, Skout gives an opportunity for people to meet others who are located on the same campus. To go even further, Skout even conducted a recent survey that consisted of over 2,500 people between the ages of 18 and 24 who all answered questions. The purpose of this survey was for Skout to determine what college town was the friendliest college town in the United States. With the results calculated, this information has been made public to help rising seniors in high school find the perfect college that will bring that new student the best experience possible. Skout understands that taking this big step can be tough and wants to help with the overall process.

With hundreds of millions of users, Skout is responsible for connecting individuals who come from over 180 different country. By definition, Skout is globalization. With so many people connected, Skout has provided this app in over 14 different languages with even more being added. Within the last nine years of being in business, this app has become an app that is quickly gaining momentum. For any further questions, more information on Skout is readily available on either Facebook or Twitter. For questions that need to be answered, the website is the best place to visit.

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An SEC Whistleblower Program Can Make Sure A Case Moves Forward Successfully

The SEC whistleblower program offered by Lebaton Sucharow is one of the most prestigious arouns as it is headed by one of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act, which changed the way the financial industry in the U.S. is regulated. The program came about when the 2008 economic slowdown shocked the entire world as most experts stated mismanagement of major financial businesses had led to the problems affecting the entire global economy.w

In response to the 2008 slowdown the Dodd-Frank Act was written to assist whistleblowers in having the confidence to bring any concerns or problems they could see in a company to officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission; one of the major changes to the whistleblower program was the introduction of anonymity for those dicusssing illegal activities in the financial industry. The Dodd-Frank Act explains the latest changes in the whistleblower program that encourage any individual to bring their concerns to regulators, including a financial reward of between 10 and 30 percent depending upon the level of any fines based on information received totaling more than $1 million.

The best option for any person considering blowing the whistle on individuals they work with or for because of financial problems breaking rules introduced to protect the public and administered by the SEC is to get some expert help before entering the whistleblower program. The program specialists at Lebaton Sucharow are headed by Jordan A. Thomas, who worked in policy and bill writing on Capitol Hill before entering the private sector with the law firm. Thomas has assembled a group of individuals who have the skills to take any whistleblower case to the current authorities and make sure the individual receives all the protections and rewards offered by the SEC under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Lebaton Sucharow have developed a simple procedure for beginning the process of entering the whistleblower program, which includes an initial meeting to discuss the reasons why the individual feels an act that does not meet the current regulations has taken place. Jordan A. Thomas has assembled a team of financial and legal experts who will work in secret to investigate whether the issues raised meet the criteria for entering the federal SEC whistlblower prgoram, before leading the individual through the rest of the process from start to finish.

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Helane Morrison, a Trustworthy Leader

Hall Capital has recently become the largest money managers in the competitive Bay Area by managing over $24 billion in assets. While outwardly it may seem that just the financial smarts of the company are the main pillars of its success, others seem to think differently. The head CEO’s, Helane Morrison, Kathryn Hall, and Sarah Stein, take what I believe to be an honest and appealing approach to the attribution of their success. They say that the diversity of their firm, in terms of gender, backgrounds, and education are essential to its success. I think she is right, because a diverse company is able to provide the most outlook on financial success. By being so diverse, the firm guarantees a wide range of experience to manage and build assets.

Hall Capital manages funds for some of the Bay Areas most wealthy and influential individuals and families. For example, they manage the son of the Gap founder, John Fisher, who operates on the firms board in the process of managing his families wealth.

This did not happen by accident, as it is explicitly stated that the firm desired to be diverse and experienced from the start. The highest of the firm, such as Helane Morrison, believe that by seeing women heading the company, experienced and professional women are more likely to join the firm. It is only natural when other firms perform so abysmally poor with regards in the area of diversification.

I believe that one of the leaders of Hall Capital, Helane Morrison, has a fundamental effect on the development of the diversification of the firm. According to this biography, she has been with the firm since 2007, and has been in the business of finances since 1996 in various capacities. She graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelors degree in journalism, and later went to UC Berkeley to get her J.D.

Since, Morrison has made it a personal goal to expose those willing to take advantage of others for financial gain. One of her most commendable traits is her care for those who have been victims of financial sharks as a result of them being in poor financial circumstances. Helane operated through the US Securities and Exchange in order to combat some of the most heinous offenders. One of the best examples of her heroism was when she protected those in fear after the 2008 financial collapse.

Planning An Event With Twenty Three Layers

In a recent article, it portrayed a collected of photos taken at a planned event- a first birthday party. Twenty three layers is a highly popular event planning company that designs and plans the event you’re in search of. On this website, you can view the outcome of this perfectly planned first birthday party for a little boy, who definitely has had a memorable birthday, thanks to Twenty Three Layers.

This beautifully designed party is hard to not fall in love with. The theme is clearly a farm theme, which is executed perfectly and creatively. With red checkered tablecloths, the beautifully designed place settings include a farm themed book for each child. In the center of the tables, are farm baskets filled with red, shiny apples. This adorable setup catches the eye! Then, you’ve got your haystack piled high with gifts for each child attending, labeled with names. One thing you’ll notice is that they have the ever popular dessert bar, with each dessert titled, and a sign saying “Teddy’s Farm” for the birthday boy. The dessert bar is beautiful, and the perfect way to get people’s attention at an event! Never straying from the farm theme, the first birthday cake is decorated adorably with various farm animals. It’s safe to say that Twenty Three Layers outdid themselves on this birthday party!

Twenty Three Layers does it all- birthday parties, weddings, work events, and so much more. Whether you have a theme or not, Twenty Three Layers works hard to meet every need and expectation you have for the event or party. With famous clients like West Elm and Jaguar, this company is no stranger to organizing huge corporate events that host thousands of visitors. They have teams of designers for each aspect of the event- decor, entertainment, catering, flowers and so much more. Located in New York City, this company is the best option if you have an upcoming event. Visit there website at

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Richard Blair Works Hard To Provide True Wealth Solutions

When it comes to taking advice about anything related to your money, you want to make sure that the information is reliable and can be trusted. Building wealth is a process, and it certainly does not happen overnight. Individuals across the nation, and indeed the world, have long been interested in putting their hard earned money to work for them. The problem is that many people just do not know where to begin or which investment vehicles they should pursue. That is Wealth Solutions can come in and provide much needed assistance. Headed by chief advisor Richard Blair, this is an investment advisory firm that can be trusted.

Clients at wealth solutions will find a firm that offers services designed to grow, manage, and protect assets. The company is registered and licensed, and they have earned a reputation of providing sound financial advice on a consistent basis. They take, for example, a holistic approach to retirement planning. This a comprehensive approach to long range financial planning that is offered to well off individuals, small business owners, and families located throughout the region. Advisors at the firm are constantly adapting and modifying their approach based upon prevailing market conditions. When you sleep, they are still monitoring and developing a strategic approach to wealth planning that is based on an innovative model that has a proven track record of success.

Richard Blair comes with decades of experience. His core objective is to take individuals and families, including small business owners, and walk them through the various stages required for successful wealth management. This begins with building and managing wealth, followed by developing a comprehensive plan for retirement. His clients typically arrive at his office having accumulated some assets, but they are uncertain about how to get to the next level. That is the very reason that Wealth Solutions was created.

Richard is a true professional that can analyze the unique situation that each respective client brings to the table. He understand well how to develop a balanced portfolio at each stage of life that fits in with the risk tolerance level that each client brings to the table. As a registered and licensed advisor, his firm has earned the trust of numerous affluent clients throughout the region. Experience does matter, so receiving advice from a firm such Wealth Solutions can truly make all the difference in the world.

Stephen Murray And The Origin And Growth Of CCMP Capital

A financial services specialist and caring, thoughtful human being, Stephen P. Murray is best known for his role as founding president and CEO of CCMP Capital. Murray held those positions until his death in March 2015. He was known for his astute judgement and excellent skills.

Murray became involved the parent company of CCMP when he completed his economics degree at Boston College in 1984. Over the course of 3 decades he saw the name of the company change from MH Equity Corporation, to Chemical Venture Partners, to Chase Capital Partners, to JP Morgan Partners until it finally became CCMP – read more: CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray and CCMP’s Murray dead at 52.

During the more than 30 years Murray was involved with the company, the husband and father of four did a lot to help the less fortunate. He volunteered a significant amount of time and money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Stamford Museum, and the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank.

He was involved in helping his alma maters Boston College and Columbia Business School, where he had earned his MBA in 1989. Murray also give his time to a wide variety of very well known companies including Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment, Aramark, and several others.

Murray became involved in the financial services industry when he participated in the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program in 1984. That set him on a path that would enable him to work with some of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions.

They included Chemical Bank, the Chase Manhattan Corporation, and J.P. Morgan & Company. Murray’s knowledge of leveraged finance and business buyouts made him invaluable to his company’s growth and success. When the decision was made for JP Morgan Chase to make it’s private equity group an independent company called CCMP, Stephen Murray was chosen to run it.

Murray did a masterful job of running the company. Several divisions were spun out and CCMP focused on its core services much to the delight of its growing customer base.

The company became leaner, yet larger and more profitable. With the very experienced Murray at the helm, CCMP developed a reputation for excellence and success. He was able to use the company’s assets very effectively. These changes helped CCMP Capital quickly became one of the world’s top 20 private equity funds.

By the time of Stephen Murray’s death, CCMP had $12 billion is assets and offices in London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

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