Wealth Solutions Provides Better Services To Clients

Wealth Solutions was started by Richard Blair to help people with retirement investment and financing. He started the company right after he got out of college, and he wanted to start helping people who had retirement dreams just like him. He is very much interested in education, and he wants to teach people what can be done when it is time for them to get information about their retirement. Richard Blair helps every client in the same way, and he runs a business that functions to help people always meet their goals.

Retirement goals are different for every person, and it is important for people like Richard Blair to be on the market to help all these client. Clients who are very concerned about how much money they can make on their retirement should ask Richard Blair how he can help them. He can show them the best way to invest their money, and he manages the work for them. Richard Blair watches the accounts, and he tells people the best way to invest their money.

The goals of the investors are taken into account, and they are going to come into view when Richard Blair is using the right techniques. He knows what has to be done to make a certain amount of money in a certain time, and the only way to make that happen is to be sure that he is learning about the industry. Richard Blair is very well versed in investment, and he is studying new ways for people to make money every day. He really considers the best way for people to make more money, and he then helps people draw on their retirement when it is time.

The Wealth Solutions difference is very big for people who are trying to retire in a comfortable way. They are trusting their money to Richard Blair, and they are expecting that they are going to have a lot to work with when they are retiring. Everyone who retires is going to be able to have money to live a nice life when they are not working, and Richard Blair can set it up for people to retire at any time they want. He figures out how much money people need, and then he figures out how to make sure that all that money is available for the number of years that are required of the retiree.

New York is No Longer The Crime Capital

How dirty is New York Streets? Is dirty streets a sign of heavy crowds and stray animals? Is it a sign of people that are homeless or people that just do not take the time to toss the trash in a can? Dirty streets are all over America. Most of the large cities have this problem. Thousands of people walk these streets every day. Is the quote that Robert De Niro made in “Taxi Driver” a true fact or a fallacy? According to Yahoo News, His quote was that “Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets”. This was a quote from a recent movie he was performing in. Street sweepers and residents took notice. The quote he made was not about dirt and trash but more about the type of people residing in the city. Drug Lords and Mobsters was what he was referring. New York and other cities are cleaning up their crime in the cities. People are taking notice and helping law enforcement to wipe out the crime in the cities. These larger cities are becoming the place to be for many. No longer is the city of New York the central place for crime and punishment.

If a criminal lawyer is what you are searching for you could check out the Lawyer lighthouse website. It lists the different lawyers by their type of service. Ross Abelow is on that list. He loves helping others. He also loves helping stray animals find loving homes and the food they need to survive. He set up a fund that will help pay for medicine and housing for the strays of New York. Ross hopes to raise over $5000. dollars for the cause. Animal shelters are working hard to provide for the dogs and cats in the shelters already. It is difficult without adequate donations. Without the funds, these dogs and cats will go hungry. In the winter months, these dogs and cats will be cold. Money from the fundraiser will help provide the food and shelter these lonely animals need until the perfect home can be found.

Ross Abelow launched the fundraiser after learning of the harsh conditions most of the city animals are living in. The shelters are doing all they can to provide. Donations are not what they need to be to provide for these animals. Each dollar raised will help in some way. If more people like Ross could help the streets of New York would be cleaner, safer, and not the final homes of dogs and cats. Do your part and check out the go fund me page for stray animals and the animal shelters of New York.

Check out Ross Abelow on Twitter

Jason Wu’s Latest Release and Information about Fashion Retailer JustFab

The New York City based fashion designer, Jason Wu has announced a new diffusion line of clothing called Grey Jason Wu. According to a news feature published in the Vogue magazine, the designs of the new label have been in the works for the last 12 months. Jason Wu shared the designs of his new line on Tuesday 12, January on Instagram under the account “Introducing#GREYJasonWu”. The post included sketches and inspiration points. The new pieces will be competitively priced at $295 to $1,395. Grey Jason Wu clothing line will hit the retail stores on June 2016.

The new line targets women who are looking for beautiful, yet uncomplicated clothes designed to suit everyday need. Some of the notable clients of Jason Wu clothing line include Michelle Obama, Emma Stone and Ivana Trump. Vogue magazine is also reporting that Jason just got married to his long time partner, Gustavo Rangel in Tulum, Mexico. In other fashion news, UK’s Guardian newspaper is reporting that the leading designer, Giorgio Armani has agreed to cease using animal furs on its products following decades of lobbying by animal rights groups.

About JustFab
The other clothing line that is competing for its share of the women’s fashion and accessories market is JustFab on youtube. The subscription lifestyle, fashion retailer sells a selection of jewelry, denim, shoes and handbags online at very affordable prices. Over the years JustFab, Inc has transformed the way women around the world shop for fashion items. According to the company website, Justfab.com, the retailer offers a personalized shopping experience to all its clients around the world.

The company’s portfolio includes brands such as FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. Fabletics provides a range of high quality lifestyle activewear and accessories designed to meet the needs of the modern active woman. FabKids, on the other hand, is a children’s apparel that is specially designed to offer growing kids affordable and ready to play outfits. One of the benefits offered by JustFab to its customers is the VIP membership. VIP members enjoy special prices and offers. Members also get to enjoy friendly return policies on ordered items.

How Healthy Is Your Pet? Awesome Beneful Recipes For Longer Life!

I’ve had a tough time choosing pet foods, especially when the options are as bountiful as Beneful selections. I found the following recipes agreeable for my canine and hope it’ll be a learning curve for other pet parents. Purinastore’s Beneful produces wet/dry dog kibble as well as a rich selection of treats. I’ve decided to highlight the best hand-picked variety from each category. I’ll also expand on what makes each recipe perfect for active, growing canines.
From the dry food category, Beneful “IncrediBites” provides a filling recipe. Dogs require a certain amount of nutrients daily. I’m fascinated by this meal plan as it furnishes a complete nutrition for dogs. With rich protein and essential nutrients to optimize immune performance, “IncrediBites,” prevents common diseases. It’s a preferred meal plan for small breeds, so the parents of larger dogs require a substitute. Spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken marinated together to create a nutritious recipe, “IncrediBites” makes the perfect everyday diet routine.

An authentic Italian-inspired recipe, balanced, wholesome and health-giving, Beneful “Romana Style Medley” nourishes adult dogs. It includes actual meat (chicken), spinach, pasta and carrots marinated in mouth-dripping sauce. It’s an equally scrumptious menu served alone or as a complement to another. Some adoptive parents avoid dog snacks, but incorporating it as part of the diet is essential.

Canine teeth require nourishment and maintenance as well. I feed my dog Beneful “Healthy Smile Dental Twists” to control tartar and plaque buildup. Who likes smelly dog breath? Not me! Well, this formula keeps canine oral hygiene in check. Additionally, it contains proprietary agents, parsley included, to promote teeth and bone health.

I’m inclined to feed my canine dry food regularly above all else. So, I’m suggesting another Beneful favorite here! With eleven Beneful treats (https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/), eight dry and twenty wet foods, nothing beats a spontaneous switch. Obesity is a growing trend among dog breeds today, so adding Beneful “Healthy Weight” to the diet affect pets’ life positively. What’s included? For healthy weight control, this calorie-smart approach supply 100% nutrition for adult canines. The recipe incorporates a nourishing blend of super vegetables, green beans, carrots and apples with chicken.

Slyce’s Partnership With Shoes Carnival Begins Now!

Slyce is making big moves in their company’s development. Yet again, they have partnered with a major brand that is well known in the retail world. One of their latest and greatest partnerships to date is with a major shoe store that has over 400 locations in the United States. Shoe Carnival Inc. and Slyce signed an official agreement to work together in October of 2015, and according to Market Wired, they two companies have officially launched their agreement together. Slyce will be showcasing Shoe Carnival’s products to lucky consumers that are using their visual search app to get closer to their purchases.

How Does Slyce Work?

Slyce is pretty easy to understand. If you have ever tried online shopping, then you will have no problem with understanding Slyce. If you have never tried online shopping before, then you are in luck because this is a lot easier than having to hunt down the products that you are looking for in the stores or on the web. You can actually use Slyce to visual search for any product that is in your environment with a simple click on your phone. You are one step closer to easily finding anything you want to buy when you download Slyce.

The application is free to use and free to download. It is one of the best technological achievements in retail and online shopping in the last two decades. Slyce brings consumers into a virtual shopping place wherever they go. You could be sitting in a food court of your favorite mall when you see some shoes that you like on your friend who just joined you. Instead of asking where the friend got the shoes, or searching around in stores, just take a picture of their shoes to search through Slyce’s automated system.

In an article from Market Wired on NASDAQ’s website, more information regarding the new partnership is revealed. These two companies joined forces to make it easier for consumers to access high quality footwear that is affordable. Shoe Carnival is a great store to buy anything in terms of footwear for the whole family. Now, people can get the quality footwear that they deserved through Slyce’s convenient platform. Users of Slyce have been going crazy about how convenient this application is to use.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management Service


During students protests at the University of Missouri, Melissa Click, assistant professor, was caught on film trying to incite violence. The video went viral and she later found herself in trouble with the law. She was charged with a criminal offense due to her action during the occasion.


Melissa was charged with third-degree assault and was ordered to complete community service. She also was placed on suspension by the university, while the incident was being investigated.


Melissa Click admitted her mistake but denied trying to promote violence or inappropriate behavior. Her action that day almost got her fired from her position, but she embarked on a reputation repair campaign. Melissa contacted Status Labs, one of the most reliable firms in the reputation management industry.


Online reputation management is essential for protecting your reputation and your professional profile. Internet surfers have the ability to post derogatory comments or information about a person or company and can ruin your name or your professional profile. Negative information posted online can have a damaging effect on your career or your business.


It is almost impossible to stop the damaging posts and negative comments without utilizing the services of a reliable reputation management expert. If you want to suppress negative content online or stop people from posting negative content about you or your business, you need to get in touch with Status Labs as soon as possible.


The professionals at Status Labs can manage your online reputation and promote positive content about you or your business. As a proficient reputation management firm, Status Labs has the resources and efficient system to repair and restore your reputation. Status Labs can also prevent attacks.
The team at Status Labs has their own techniques and proprietary systems that enable their professionals to render effective and efficient reputation management solutions to clients. For instance, they can use digital publishing to create favorable information that show up in the top pages of search engine results. Status Labs also has great expertise in suppressing negative content so that it cannot be found by Internet users when they search your name or company.

Devco Falls into Repayment Problems on the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick

The Press of Atlantic City recently reported that the Devco Development Company has fallen behind in repaying $1 million in principal with interest, it received for the construction of The Heidrich Hotel. In 2005, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, CRDA, along with other lenders, made a loan to Devco for $20 million for the new construction in the downtown district.

This development company has been rennovating downtown New Brunswick since the 1970s, but since the economic crisis of 2008 they have had problems with payments much like many Americans across the country. During the past five years, they have missed over seven million dollars in payments. The problem being that the hotel has never been filled to capacity long enough to pay the bills. In 2015, the hotel only showed 63.5 percent occupancy, and Johnson & Johnson, their largest account, sit on the Board of Directors of the development corporation.

Christopher Paladino, the attorney who arranged the loan, said that there is no need for worry. The development company will pay the loan, it will just take longer than expected.

The New Brunswick Company is a non-profit, cutting-edge, urban development company that has already contracted and repaid $1.5 billion on previous renewal projects, and they are not going to stop now.

The redevelopment of the downtown district is a worthwhile project that will continue for years into the future. Devco has been successful in transforming the lifestyle from dingy street blocks into gorgeous hotels and convention centers. They have a talent and a skill for designing and constructing new buildings to replace the old.

The total borrowed for the Heldrich construction was $107 million, with $30 million of the bonds issued by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority repaid on schedule. Board members have paid over $700,000 on supplies and equipment necessary to run the hotel in the past few years. Devco will remain on alert for the repayment of the loan.