New App To Help Ease the Problems Of Inmate Visitation

According to a recent press release by Securus Technologies (, its new inmate visitation app has reached over 65,000 downloads. The Apple version of the app released just last week is being downloaded almost a thousand times a day while the Android app is being downloaded at the rate of 10,000 per month. Both versions of the apps work with a wide variety of platforms including mobile phone, tablet, laptops, and desktop computing devices. Download the Google Play app here.

The purpose of these apps is to make it easier for friends and family to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones. Research has long shown a correlation between reduced recidivism (the relapse into criminal behavior) and strong family or friend social networks. By allowing inmates the opportunity to participate via video in important family functions like birthdays, weddings, funerals, sporting functions, and other important occasions, the hope is that these bonds will be strengthened.

The use of video visitation also is important to the corrections facilities where it is available. Staffing visitation is costly and subjects corrections officers, inmates, and the visits to increased risks. Some inmates unable to have personal visits for security reasons can now particpate thorugh this method. Additionally, there is a significant burden on visitors who have to travel to often distant jails or prisons, subject themselves to the searches, long wait times, and uncertainty of even seeing their loved ones due to security lockdowns, rule violations or staffing issues.

With the increasing sophistication of mobile computing, the applications for video visits are becoming more accepted by both the corrections community and the inmate populations being served. This method of inmate communication offers more flexibility in terms of when visits can be scheduled. When considering pricing, the video visit option is often less expensive that the fuel, parking, often time lodging and meals expenses associated with travel to the correctional facility.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based company that serves more than 3,400 correctional and law enforcement facilities and 1.2 million inmates. Among its products are emergency response systems, incident management software and hardware, information management, inmate self-service platforms, biometric systems, communications hardware and software, inmate monitoring and investigative tools. The company is closely held and does not release sales figures. Securus employs over 1,300 people and has been granted over 140 patents for its technologies and has another 90 patent applications pending. The company is also proud of the $19 million is reinvest into the communities it serves.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the Securus America site nor the Securus product used for health improvement.

The Global Marketing Efforts Of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a New York-based capital strategist famously known for his global marketing effort and great influence in Asia Pacific. While at Sparx Group his marketing strategies were unique and influential; Sam managed to introduce to the Sparx Group 400 interested investors and 2000 potential investors. Sam has the ability to interlink people with best deals, and he managed to make the hedge fund grow more to being the most influential and outstanding hedge fund in Asia and Pacific. His strategies worked especially due to his close relations with the hedge fund founders and the chief executive officers of the firm. While at a branch in Hong Kong knows as PMA investors Sam Tabar managed $2billion in the hedge fund; he ultimately invested for the firm assets worth $1.2 billion. His ability is related to his tendency to recheck everything with a keen eye and also his experience in the financial industry approximated to be 30 years.

LinkedIn lists that Tabar studied law at Columbia law school graduated in 2001; he worked in a couple of law firms like Skadden Arps where he was an assistant associate who counseled customers about hedge funds, side letters, employment issues and private placement memoranda. Before working at Skadden, he was also an associate at Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. Tabar, however, left his field to pursue capital ventures. He joined the Bank of America as a capital strategist, and his marketing efforts were even stronger. He brought meaningful introductions to the Bank of America by controlling the whole cycle fund between investors and the fund managers. His introduction was huge fro the company and are also used by other hedge funds including institutional endowments, pensions, foundations, and large family offices

While at the Merrill Lynch Tabar helped over 1, 250 institutional investors in their supplementary Rolodex, his achievements have been rated to be the best. His investments are also for potential organizations like She Thinx and Verboten. Thinx is a firm that he partnered with after loving their investment strategy. The company founded by women majorly operates in Africa and Asia through women empowerment programs like designer pads that are recyclable. Tabar also participates in philanthropy where he has a Go-Fund-Me campaign to change the lives of children in Africa through increased accessibility to health facilities. His outgoing marketing nature has warranted him to speak English, French and Japanese. Tabar is the strategist to look for if an investor wants to make more than daily food from hedge funds and financial investments.  Sam’s new position as COO of FullCycle Fund would indicate we haven’t seen the best of him yet.

“Queens Of Drama” Bring Fun And Soap Opera Skills To Reality TV

As soap opera fans the question we all want answered is what happened to those famous faces who made up the cast of our favorite soap operas. Now a few of the female stars of soap opera are making a triumphant return to the small screen as they seek a fresh start in the industry, which is being filmed for the new show “Queens Of Drama”. Catching up with the stars of “Knot’s Landing”, “90210”, and “Guiding Light” is the perfect reason to embark on a nostalgic journey as the newly formed production company seeks to kick start prime time drama with a new concept for a show.

One of the stars hoping to build her career both in front of and behind the camera through the show is Crystal Hunt, one of the most famous stars of soap opera who has appeared in both “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live”. Within “Queens Of Drama” Crystal Hunt proves she is much more than just a high quality actress by bringing much of her business sense to her role in this scripted reality TV show.

The career of Crystal Hunt has kept her in the public eye from her teenage years through to her latest roles on the big screen; Hunt is well known to movie fans for her strong performance as Lauren in the critical and box office success “Magic Mike: XXL”. Despite her success in recent movie roles Hunt remains popular with viewers for her standout performances in soap operas, particularly for her performance as Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live”; playing Stacy Morasco showed off more of Crystal’s darker performances and the acting skills Hunt has shown in her recent performances on both the small and big screen.

The premise of “Queens Of Drama” is both simple and effective as the all female cast of former soap opera stars combine to develop a new prime time TV drama. Over the course of the show the stars must conceive of a high quality idea before going through each stage of the process required to create a show they can be proud of and is a network TV success.

Helane Morrison: Advancing To New Levels

Project Eve started out a recent article by discussing how difficult it can be, in the financial industry, to hold onto integrity. The sector has slowly started to give itself a bad name over the past decade and there are few who are trying to turn that culture of cheating and lying around. The article was discussing this because it was a piece about Helane Morrison, a woman known in the industry for being honest and holding others to the same standards. 

The article then went on to discuss how Morrison had been fighting corruption and injustice starting when she was a journalist in law school. This fight continued into her years as a lawyer, then as a government official and finally at an investment firm. The article then continued discussing how influential Morrison was to the industry and was one of the few that was trying to make it a more transparent sector that follows laws and plays by the rules. 

People have started to ask questions since the crisis happened in the economy is 2007. They want to know who they can trust. The banks let them down. The government gave the banks a free pass. Unemployment tore communities apart. After talking about the general public’s distrust for the financial industry, the article then went on to talk about Helane Morrison and what she has been doing about the issue. 

Helane Morrison is an American lawyer, journalist and businesswoman. While Morrison was born in New York, she went halfway across the country to get a degree in journalism from Northwestern University and then she continued on to the west coast. In California, Helane Morrison attended the University of California at Berkeley School of Law. After graduating, she went to work for Judge Richard A. Posner, a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. After two years, Morrison went to work for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin, a San Francisco base law firm. It was only a few years after she arrived at the firm that Morrison was named a partnered and stayed on until 1996. 

It was in 1996 that Morrison was asked to be the head of regional enforcement activities in the San Francisco Regional Office of the SEC. She made the move and after working in government, moved on to Hall Capital Partners.

The Haircare Products of Wen by Chaz


When it comes to WEN by Chaz, most people think of the company as just a shampoo or conditioner service. Yes, this is the most popular product the company sells, but there are many other Wen by Chaz items out there that are designed to boost the appearance of hair. This way, it isn’t necessary to always get in the shower in order to experience the truly beautiful and amazing feeling of the product. It all just depends on what someone is interested in.

How to Get the Different Products

Wen by Chaz has a subscription service on ebay,  or amazon to customers are able to select different products and receive a box from the company once a month, once every several months or whenever they desire. With the Wen by Chaz subscription, they receive more than just the conditioner though, there are a few other items that are desirable and a person can select from.

Different Product Options

There is a WEN mist that is great for adding a bit of additional shine to the hair. This is applied to the hair when it is dry and it can work with other haircare products. There are a few styling options out there from Wen hair products, but for the most part the company does focus on the creation of items to improve the quality, look and health of the hair.

After just the spray, there is an extreme condition option. This comes in a hockey puck like product. It should only be used a few times a month but it is best for individuals who experience extreme hair damage, such as swimmers with the chemicals in the pool or from the sun. This injects the hair with new vitamins and minerals, but if it is used too often it will make the scalp too oily.